Sunday, 30 November 2014

Liebster Award

Hey Lacquer Lovers, so today in addition to my regularly scheduled nail art post I am doing something a little different. You may have heard of the Liebster Award which is a pretty fun and awesome way of promoting and discovering new blogs that you might not have visited before but you totally should!

Basically what happens is when you become a nominee you must answer a series of questions issued by the blogger who nominated you and then find 10 other bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate in kind and issue them ten original questions to answer and this chain goes on and on helping us discover awesome new blogs and hopefully getting us all some good exposure and new followers to get our voices out there, and meet other bloggers :)

I have been nominated by Renata Mahmud, you can find her charming blog here .If you would like to check out her post please follow this link :)

So I will get to answering the questions that Renata issued to me in a moment, but first let me familiarize you with the rules, they are as follows

1.Link back to the blog that nominated you (Moi at
2.Answer the questions given to you by your nominator
3.Nominate 10 other bloggers with 200 or fewer followers
4. Issue 10 original questions to your nominees
5.And of course let the nominees know you have nominated them so that they can proceed!

So without further ado here are the questions given to me by Renata and my answers :)

1.How long have you been blogging, and what got you started?

I originally started blogging back in 2012 but then life threw some things at me and I didn't have time to continue and grow my blog into what I wanted it to be so I decided to put it on the back burner at the time. Starting in September of this year (2014) I again had the time and made the decision that it was time to commit to my blog and start getting my voice out there and sharing who I am and what I want to say with others. I hope to continue and have people be interested in what I have to say/ what I do.

2.If you weren't afraid of failing, what would you be doing?

Generally in life I am not afraid of failure, the reasons I don't do something I might want to is usually an issue of whether I can financially afford it or not. Although if money weren't an issue I would love to be in school right now training to be a certified nail tech. It is my dream but currently is not financially possible. Perhaps some day in the future!

3.The best and worst part of being a blogger?

I would definitely say the best part is getting to share my nail art and my opinions and ramblings with others. I love it when people are inspired or impressed by what I do, it inspires me to never give up and to continually improve my skills which is always a good thing. As for the worst part I would say the concern that comes from worrying what if people don't like what I have to offer and I am wasting my time. While we all get these negative thoughts in life I try to press on and reassure myself that things take time and if you do your best everything will work out in the end.

4.Who is your all time favorite musician?

I don't think I can come up with one answer for this one. I am a huge music fan and most of the music I listen to is either Metal, K-Pop or Electronic/industrial. I would say that the band I have loved the longest would be Blind Guardian. If you aren't familiar with them you should check them out, they are amazing.

5.Where were you 10 years ago.

Oh my lets see 10 years I was...17. I was in the 11th grade just getting together with my boyfriend of ten + years and working out who I was as an individual, ah High School..I was a little gothic and brooding throughout High School haha.

6.Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

That is also a difficult question to answer, my best answer would just be that I hope I am happy. If things work out I would like to become successful at this blogging venture and possibly move into Youtube etc. Money is not my primary drive I have a day job I just really want to get what I do out there and inspire people so I hope I can do that. I would also like to think that in 10 years time I will have a child of my own and a home of my own. Here's hoping!

7.If your life was a movie what genre would it be? (comedy/ romance/ horror/ tragic/ action-adventure)

I would definitely have to say comedy. Some of the things my boyfriend and I talk about and the things we say and encounter could totally be a TV sitcom. Life is generally pretty hilarious when it's the two of us so I am going to go with comedy for sure.

8.What are three things you would take with you to a deserted island?

Oh crap only three? Hmm....well I guess those things would be a Handheld gaming system, a super uber mega endless box of batteries or a way to charge it from the sun or some jazz, and my Spirithood. I wanted to say my boyfriend but he would be with me regardless anywhere I went so he would get three things to, I'm sure we'd work it out so we would both enjoy all six things :P

9. What is your idea of the perfect date?

Well I generally don't do dates because why would I want to be out in a crowded eatery or noisy movie theater when I would be eating Pizza or Chinese at home watching a movie or Netflix and playing Video games. So I guess my perfect date would be yummy food at home with my boyfriend followed by playing Video Games together for hours :) I do also like going out shopping with him if you consider that a date :P

10. What is one blog post that you are most proud of?

Hmm well I have a few but I will share this one for now. My comic book nail art, It was a collab idea between my boyfriend and I and came out so awesome in my opinion. Here you go check it out :)
Comic Book Nail art

I am now nominating the following blogs to take part in this

Cierras Playground
Life without a fun sponge
Natasha Kundi
Shy Nature

and more to come..

Here are your questions guys! Have fun!

1.If you could set one song as your theme song what would it be?

2. What is your most prized possession?

3.What are your top three make up/ hair products?

4.Who is your style icon?

5.Where in the world would you travel if you could? If you've already been to your dream location what makes it ideal for you?

6.What thing in life makes you Geek out the hardest (you fill with that sense of tingliness because you can't believe how excited and into this you are, it's totally your jam!)?

7.What is your favorite quote of all time?

8.If you could live in another time period, what time period would it be?

9.What is your favorite food, like so much so that you could eat it and only it forever and ever until the end of time?

10.What is your favorite fashion or makeup/ nail polish Brand and why?

Classy Black and Gold nail art

Morning lacquer  lovers!  It is so super early morning  for me. I  have to work the morning shift which my body is not used to so I basically took a long nap and am awake again to go back to work, blah haha hurray for power naps :P

Anyway since I am working under these circumstances today my nail art is simple and so will its explanation be.

I started off with two thin coats of Essie Licorice a nice rich deep creme black which I allowed to dry most of the way but not entirely. I then applied a little non quick dry top coat and affixed the gold caviar and gold pyramid studs into their respectful places and finished it all off with some quick dry top coat and voila, a super classy nail art with little to no effort required. This one would be great for beginners or when you want fancy nails but don't have a lot of time to put into your nail art on a given day.

Sorry this post is so short guys! Thanks for stopping by to check it out and I hope to see you again tomorrow!

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P-Bubbs :)

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Super Kawaii 3D nail art

Hello fellow Lacquer Lovers guess what it's actually Sunny here today!! :O Sure it's cold as ice but hey it's Canada and it's fast approaching Winter so I'm not expecting warm temperatures :P

I've always been aware of the super Kawaii Japanese nail art popular in one of my favorite Countries Japan but have never really done anything to even in the least emulate it but today I was all you know what, I think I'll give this a try! So on to my nail art for today :)

As always I applied a base coat to the nails and when it was dry I began by doing two thin coats of Orly Pink Waterfall which is an awesome Pepto Pink from the Surreal collection by Orly. I allowed this to dry and then stamped a pretty swirly pattern on to all the nails using Color Club Pucci-Licious which is a vibrant mid bright Purple. Again I allowed this to dry completely.

My next step for this nail art was to of course give the nails some sparkle! For this I gave each nail a thin coat of Ruby Wing Rose which is a light Pink with lots of glitter and smells like Roses (yay :D).

I then allowed this to dry about ninety percent of the way and applied a thin coat of non quick dry base coat and began to affix the cabochons and embellishments gently pressing them into place.

All that was left for this nail art was to top coat and allow to dry completely. While I love how this nail art turned out and I think it is super pretty it would not be practical for me in everyday life. I'm a gamer and I use my hands a lot and for me personally the Rose cabochons would get all kinds of in my way and probably just fall off, so this would be a look I would probably only sport on a special occasion for practicality.

Anyway guys that's it for my nail art today, Hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think in the comments and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by ! :)

See you next time lacquer lovers!

Friday, 28 November 2014

SNSD nail art

Morning Lacquer Lovers!! So I'm very excited for the nail art I am going to show you today, it is SNSD themed. Today I have taken pictures of both hands because I had two separate ideas using the same base, and figured why the heck not just have two different cohesive designs for one complete nail art? So that's what I did :)

So I started out this nail art with a base color of Butterfly Kisses by L'Oreal which is a slightly shimmery pale rose pink. It's so pretty guys it's one of my favorite pinks it just reminds me of walking through a garden in spring/ summer it's the most beautiful and relaxing color (if you like pinks like I DO!!)

I then did a very thin and sparing coat on all the nails of OPI My voice is a little Norse to add that POP of sparkle and added girly look.

When that was dry I took my silver kiss nail art paint and painted a series of half circle designs on to all of the nails as a neat accent that wasn't too distracting, just keeping it from being too plain in the background. Our next step is where we changed this nail art up :P

Ok so now the nail art gets different on both hands. For my left hand I took my white kiss nail art paint and painted both the SNSD heart logo and the SNSD Hangul across my fingers, please forgive imperfections as I am not Korean :( and my nail art paint was getting a little glooby, guess it's time to replace :) On my right hand I did the same design but in rhinestone embellishments!

To affix the embellishments I applied a generous amount of non quick dry  nail polish to the nail and affixed each rhinestone one by one pressing gently into the polish but not too much so there was no smudging :)

I then just top coated both hands and allowed to dry :)

Thanks for stopping by today guys, let me know in the comments what you think and if you like it I always love hearing from you, and hope to see you pop by again tomorrow!!

P-Bubbs :)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Ornament inspired nail art v 1.0

Afternoon Lacquer Lovers, I woke up late again (hurray) but that's what happens when you stay up all hours of the night with your boyfriend taking turns playing GTA V and being disappointed when you realize that there IS NO NEW EPISODE of American Horror Story Freak Show this week...sigh...OK back on track, nail art.

I love Christmas decorations, and with all the stuff going on in life this year that seems to take the holiday spirit out of me I figured I should start on some more Christmasy nail art to help get me in the spirit.

Like a lot of other women I really enjoy the esthetic of a Tiffany/ Robins Egg Blue so I thought that could be the color that I would go for this time since it isn't quite December yet I figured I'd start out with a color that wasn't directly associated with Christmas like Red or Green or both.

I've included the Christmas Ball photograph that this nail art was inspired by for a reference guide for you should you care to see the source material :)

So I started out this nail art with base coating my nails to avoid staining to my nail beds. When that was dry I applied three thin coats of Color Club Blue-Ming which I allowed to fully dry.  I then went in and added the silver details (strips in the middle of pinkie and middle fingers, crosshatching on index finger, and dots under embellishments on ring finger).

When the Silver accents were dry I applied a medium thick coat of a non quick dry top coat I had Sally Hansen available but whatever you have is fine as long as it doesn't dry super fast. I then applied the rhinestone and hand placed glitter embellishments giving each a slight press to make sure they were affixed into the polish but not so much as to smoosh the under layers.

Then all I did to finish up this nail art was clean up around the cuticle areas and top coat!

That's it for my nail art today guys! Hope you enjoyed it and that you will stop back in again tomorrow for more! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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See you all tomorrow!!
P-Bubbs :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Neon Zebra Nail Art

Heyo Lacquer lovers :) Today I'm bringing you some super duper neon splotched Zebra nails :)

So for the base of this nail art I painted my nails with OPI My voice is a little Norse which is super glittery. I know it doesn't show but in case any of the polishes didn't want to be vibrant on the first coat I wanted the chance that some sparkle would show through rather than white or another blah color. The polishes did however cover in the first go but you could see a little texture through some of the colors which was just as awesome as seeing glitter in my opinion.

After having the base coat applied and dried I then just painted small patches onto my nails in the various different colors, the colors I used are China Glaze Sun Worshiper, Ruby Wing Electric Firefly, Ruby Wing Groupie, Ruby Wing Green Peace, Color Club Blue-Ming, and piCture pOlish Violet Femme. I wasn't too precise as this nail art to me is more about vibrant colors than neatness.

When all of the color blocks were dry I then went in with my handy Kiss nail art paint in black and painted in all the Zebra stripes careful beginning on the outer edge and working in ward alternating sides so as to not have one side to out of balance with another.

That's all for my nail art today guys :) Hope you enjoyed it, I love it and now I just wish I had some clothes to match. If any of you know where I could get a shirt that is all rainbow colors with Zebra print then please please please leave me a comment and let me know :)

Thanks for dropping by again guys, it's always lovely to see you! Come back again tomorrow why don't you?!

P-Bubbs :) <3

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pop Art Comic Book Nail art

Morning fellow lacquer lovers! I hope you are doing fabulously today, I am doing quite fabulous because on an unrelated, yet semi related matter as I will probably post it here my first ever memebox has arrived and is hanging out at the post office AT THIS VERY MOMENT, awaiting me to pick it up and bring it home and love it. *squee*

Anyway back to my nail art of the day *drum roll* Pop art Comic inspired nail art!! I love Pop art, and I love comic books AND I love nail art (obvs) so what could be better than a combo of all of those things?

So for colors on this nail art I obviously kept it very simple and primary focusing on vibrant red (Color Club Mamba), yellow (China Glaze Sun Worshiper) and blue (Essie Butler Please) with a base color of Sally Hansen White On. As you hear me mention a lot as well I used kiss nail art paint pots to because their tiny little brushes are perfect for outlining and printing on your nails.

So first I painted all the nails white, using two coats for complete coverage. When that was dry I went in with my black and drew in the speech bubble, and action word areas. I then used a fine dotting tool to fill in the backgrounds with dots of the different primary colors and lined the insides of the action areas with the different colors as well.

All that was left for this nail art after that was to allow it to dry completely and top coat!! I'm out of my fav quick dry top coat so I had to be extra careful not to smoosh them while they dried which for me is a task people so good job me haha (and thanks to my bf taking turns playing GTA V on PS4 with me while they dried to keep my hands out of smooshy trouble <3)

Anyway guys that's it for today!! Thanks so much for stopping by again I'm off to the post office! See you again tomorrow I hope, and don't forget you can subscribe to stay up to date with all my nail art posts!

P-Bubbs :)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Happy Birthday Mom nail art :)

Hey there lacquer lovers, hope you're all well today. Most of you won't know this but today is my Mothers Birthday so I decided I would do a nail art based around it being her Birthday yay!

So Mom likes shiny things so the colors and accents I chose reflected that, I chose pink because I haven't used pink a lot lately and wanted to switch up my colors plus I thought it popped really well against the silver holo.

So First of all for the base of this nail art I used one of my most frequently reached for polishes Color Club harp on it. It is a fantastic Silver holo, and if you do not currently have it in your collection, I advise you to get it right now because it is all kinds of amazing.

Next I used a MoYou London stamping plate to stamp a present design onto my thumb and ring fingers. For this stamp I used piCture pOlish Focus which is a nice deep magenta type pink that actually stamps really well!

I then painted my pinkie fingers with a non quick dry top coat and affixed the pink rhinestone embellishments in no particular order or pattern just filling up the space because Mom loves sparkly things :P I then did the same process on the index finger but using heart shaped glitter pieces to fill out the space on the nail in a linear pattern.

The only other step was to top coat the nails. For this particular nail art I really focused on top coating the embellished nails to make sure they were securely in place, and bam, we're all done :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my nail art today! Happy Birthday Mom!! Hope to see you all back here again tomorrow!! Don't forget to subscribe :)


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cat nail art version 2.0

Hey again laquer lovers :) I had so much fun doing my super cute cat nail art the first time, that I wanted to revisit it again featuring another of my cats (don't be surprised if next week I do another one of my cats because I feel bad about turning the other two into nail art and not him) .

So basically all I did was paint each nail a different color, and then dot each nail with another of the different colors I had used for the base colors to create a funky multicolor background. I chose soft colors that I felt were still bold so that the kitty wouldn't get too lost in the background :)

Then all I did was free hand the cat body/ head/ tail onto the nails until it looked about right to the eye and colored in his black furry bits and outlined/ gave eyes :) It's a great cartoon likeness to my furry little buddy :P Of course all I did then was top coat and allow to dry completely.

I really hope you guys like this nail art. I love having kitty nails, probably because I love cats....but yea anyway it's cute and they make me smile, I hope they make you smile to!

Thanks for stopping by today guys :) I hope to see you back here tomorrow!! Don't forget if you would like to stay in the loop with my nail art to subscribe!

See you next time guys!
P-Bubbs :)
Essie Play date
Essie Secret Story
Essie Bikini so teeny
Essie Where's my chauffeur
piCture pOlish Violet Femme
Sally Hansen White on
Kiss nail art black
Kiss bail art white

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sultry Red and Black nail art

Hello lacquer lovers how are you all today, good I hope :)  Today's nail art has a Swanky sultry feel brought forth by its bold red and black design.

As a base color for this nail art I used Essie Ballet Slippers. I wanted the background to be light and simple but not quite nude and this color works perfectly.

I then used China Glaze Bump in the night as my black Color to stamp a black pattern on top of the already dry base color.

I then painted diagonal tips on each nail with OPI Over and over a Gwen going over each  tip twice for better coverage.

I then used a thin brushed nail art paint pot to paint a black line along the diagonal red bits, and when that was dry I did the same with a paint pot of the same brand (kiss nail art) but in silver.

Finally I finished the nail art by adding some 3D black stars to my accent nails, and finishing with my favorite quick dry top coat. :)

I hope you guys enjoy this nail art, It seems festive to me but not too christmas-y (I want to save the really Christmas-y nail art for when December hits then look out! haha) This is a different color combo than I usually go for, I usually gravitate towards cutesy not sultry but you need to try new things now and again :)

Thanks for stopping by again you guys, I really appreciate you checking out my work :) Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see whats new, and remember if you like my work you can subscribe to stay up to date!

See you next time all!!
P-Bubbs ;)

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sparkly blue and gold stamped nail art

Hey there lacquer lovers, I hope you're ready for some stamped nail art because that's what I've prepared for you this wonderful day :) I'm just a tad obsessed with my new Festive collection stamping plates from MoYou London, that coupled with the fact that I worked late resulted in me deciding to focus on Nail art created by stamping for a quick beautiful manicure.

First I painted the nails with Essie Mochacino and allowed to dry. Next I applied one thin coat of Butter London West End Wonderland  allowing again to dry completely. I then simply stamped the pattern onto all of the nails in a slow rolling motion. The color I used for the stamped pattern is Essie Midnight Cami which is a gorgeous deep inky blue. Of course the last step us to finish with my favorite top coat .

As always thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out my nail art guys!!  Hope to see you again tomorrow!

P-Bubbs :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Matte Snowflake nail art

Hey there fellow lacquer lovers! Thanks so much for stopping by nail blog today, It's great to see you. Today I have some stamping nail art for you to suit the weather here. My small town has just had its first snow of the year (flurries but still it counts) so naturally Snowflakes are a fitting nail art choice for this weather.

For this nail art I used a wonderful stamping plate from MoYou Londons Festive collection which is an amazing stamping plate from an amazing company, seriously if you don't already have products from MoYou get some now, you will not regret it.

The colors I used for this nail art are piCture  pOlish Lagoon and Color Club Harp on it. After basecoating my nails and allowing them to dry I painted three thin coats of Lagoon  onto my nails and allowed to dry completely. Next I stamped the Snowflake image onto the nails using Color Club Harp on it I also allowed this to dry completely.

The last step I took with this nail art was to top coat all the nails with L'Oréal Paris The matte velvet top coat. This gave depth and intensity to both the colors and really helped the Snowflake design pop!

I really hope you guys enjoyed today's post, and liked the nail art I've shown. Hope to see you all again tomorrow. Don't forget to subscribe :)

P-Bubbs :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The many faces of Isaac nail art

Good Morning fellow Lacquer lovers,  I hope you are all having a great day! My boyfriend and I have been playing the re release of The Binding of Isaac (rebirth) lately and in our discussions of life and games, and Nail art ideas  I came to my nail art theme for today "The many faces of Isaac" where each nail features a different version of the games protagonist under the effects of different items.

The colors used are as follows:

Essie Twin Sweater set
Essie Sand Tropez
Essie Mochacino
Color Club Chelsea Girl
L'Oréal Butterfly Kisses
Ruby Wing Green Peace
China Glaze Don't let the Dead Bite
Sally Hansen white on

I used Don't let the dead bite as my base color. I had to use three or four thin coats to make it completely opaque and then I applied a quick dry top coat  to create a smooth canvas for the details to follow.
I painted in the basic shapes with white on so the colors would pop more easily.  I Then used Chelsea Girl and Sand Tropez for the base colors of the faces. The other colors ND a thin nail art brush and some dotting tools paired with patience and care created the facial details.

I am in love with this Mani, a great game that translates to nail art quite well in my opinion. I hope you guys all enjoyed my post today. I am happy that you stopped by today :) I really hope to see you again tomorrow :) Don't forget to subscribe guys!  See you next time!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Cat design nail art

Hey again fellow lacquer lovers :) I sincerely hope you all are well, here however one of our Cats is sick and getting on in his years (he's around 11) so I wanted to do my nails in honor of him since he's not feeling so well . Having my cats represented on my nails is a habit of mine when I have to take them to the vet or when I know they aren't well  and this time is no exception.

The colors I used are Color club blue-ming, Essie Mojito Madness, Sally Hansen  white on, and China Glaze capacity to see beyond. I also used a nail art paint pot by Kiss nail art.

I painted my nails with three thin coats of blue-ming. When it was dry
I used a small brush to paint diagonal lines of Capacity to see beyond which I then accented with does of Mojito Madness. Then all that was left was to paint the vat in white on and outline and add details in black :) I am going to do a tutorial for these soon, I think I will make it my first video so keep a watch for it :)

That's all for today guys hope you enjoyed itand look forward to my next post  :) Don't forget to subscribe! See you next time!

P-Bubbs :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Two tone stamping with glitter accent

Morning fellow lacquer lovers! My Mani is pretty simple this time since life today is pretty chaotically I only had time for stamping. I have two days off though so nail art is going to be flowing.

Today I used Zoya Rea, OPI chasing rainbows and OPI  this gown needs a crown to achieve   these party time looking nails. I simply painted chasing rainbows on my ring finger and painted two fingers each Zoya Rea and OPI this gown needs a crown.  I then just proceeded to stamp over the  polish on each nail with the opposite Color polish and finished with a quick dry top coat.

Like I said, pretty simple today but I hope you still enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by today hope to see you again tomorrow. Don't forget to subscribe to keep up with my new content day to day! See you next time guys!

P-Bubbs :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Sweater nails

Welcome lacquer lovers, I hope you are having a wonderful morning or whatever time of day it might be where you are :)

The weather here is turning cold super fast, but hey that's Canada at this time of year for you. Therefore in the spirit of winter weather I decided to do  my first winter Sweater themed nails of the season.

The colors I chose for this Mani are L'Oréal greycian goddess, Sally Hansen white on, Ruby Wing Rose, and OPI Girls Love Ponies. To achieve the details I used a very fine tipped brush and the white Color to replicate the sweater pattern.

This is just the first version of comfy/ugly sweater manis that will pop up occasionally on here throughout the winter season.  Hope you like it everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today don't forget to subscribe :)!  Hope to see you again tomorrow!

P-Bubbs :)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon nails :)

Hey there awesome lacquer lovers :) So sailor moon isa big part of my youth and is what started me on the anime path to loving anime. Since I've been keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal as it is being released I figured I would do a nail art based around this classic show.

Here are my Sailor Scout nails each nail representing a different Sailor Scout. All the colors I used will be listed below.  I simply painted a white base and used the colors listed and a thin tipped brush to paint the costume details on each nail in the appropriate colors.

I hope you enjoy this guys. I think once I start making videos this will be  a tutorial for sure. Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope to see you again soon!

Colors used are :

piCture pOlish Lagoon
piCture pOlish Whimsy
essie Mojito Madness
Essie Secret Story
Essie Sand Tropez
OPI Over and over a Gwen
China Glaze Roguish red
China Glaze Givers theme
China Glaze Swanky Silk

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P-Bubbs :)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Ribbon Candy nails!

Happy morning lacquer lovers!! Coming at you today with some stripped candy nail art, not really supposed to be Christmasy but does have a candy can feel.  I guess I would call it ribbon candy,  yea ribbon candy llet's go with that - because I was  just going to a pretty design but it does truly remind me of ribbon candy :)

First I did a base of Color Club Eternal Beauty which is an awesome purple holo, when thiswas dry I did a coat each oOzotic sugar 902 (a purple glitter coat) anda coat of Orly Digital Glitter  (a grayish mixed glitter).  When this was all dry I used a small flat brush to free hand angled lines of Naughty nautical using enough thin coats to make the polish opaque.  Lastly I outlined the angled lines with Color Club Harp on it using a very fine tipped liner brush. All that's left when dry is to apply a good quick dry topcoat and bam!  You've got your very own ribbon candy nails.

So many Color combinations could look awesome in this Mani,  so go ahead be creative and give it a try yourself!  

Polished used are :

Butter London Henley regatta
Orly Digital Glitter
Color Club Harp on it
Essie Naughty nautical
Ozotic sugar 902
Color Club Eternal Beauty.

Hope you liked today's post guys!  Hope to see you again next time !!  Don't forget to subscribe :)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Totally 80's nails

Hello everyone ,  how are you today? It has been a constant shade of gray in the sky lately  and it sucks in tthe morale department, so my nails have to be twice as bright to combat the grey dullness outside :)

Today  I have gone a little eighties, perhaps a little Gem and the holograms  to be specific.   What I've done I'd painted all my nails a  base coat of Zoya Lux and then dry brushed them with a tiny bit of OPI pussy galore to give them more depth and s bit of sheen without being straight up glitter. So really making them super glittery but in a toned down way.

Next I useda  very fine tipped brush to paint several triangles on my thumbs and ring fingers  inrRuby Wing  Groupie which is a vibrant uv  reactive pink.  I then used the same type of brush to outline the triangles In a   purple by Color Club called Pucci-licious. The only thing left after that was to let them dry and top coat them.

Hope you like the result. I am quite fond of  the mixture of these polishes personally. Thanks for dropping in today everyone! See you again tomorrow I hope!! Don't forget to please like and subscribe !

P-Bubbs :)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fan brush nail art :)

Good morning fellow lacquer loving peeps. Things in life have got me down today but nail art usually helps me get back up. Today I have used a fan brush and three polishes to create a nail art that isn't quite sugar spun and isn't quite marbling, but more if a halfway point between the two achieved with layering and a dry brushing technique.

Let's start off with the polishes I used :) For my blue I picked Ruby Wing Moonstone, for my pink piCture pOlish Shocked, and for my purple piCture pOlish Violette Femme.

I started off by painting a base coat of  Moonstone and allowing it to dry. I then took my fanbbrush and lightly dipped the ends in a small puddle of shocked. I then wiped any excess polish off the brush and dragged the fan brush back and forth over each nail.

Next I repeated this process with Violette Femme. You need to make sure your brush isn't too saturated so that the color already on the nail doesn't get completely painted over.

I then did another pass over each nail with shocked, but with even less polish on  the brush,just enough to leleave pink traces.  I then finished up with a final pass over each nail with a little Moonstone blue to blend it all out and make the colors nice  and even. Then of course I applied a quick dry top coat and voila.

This was a new type of nail  art for me using a technique my mother had taught me from tole painting. I think it translates well to nail art :)

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P-Bubbs :)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembrance Day Nails

Morning people :) Thanks for joining me today. As you probably know today is Remembrance Day and I didn't find it fitting to do any type of nail art that didn't fit this theme. I won't write a lot today as it is more a day for remembrance and I just wanted to share my nails with you today as I always like to do.

Colors used in this manicure are Zoya Chyna and Sally Hansen White On.

Have a great day guys, and thanks for joining me today. I hope to see you back again tomorrow :)


Monday, 10 November 2014

Surreal Snake Skin nails

Good morning  fellow lacquer lovers!  I hope you all are fantastic  on this brand new day :) I'm in such a stamping mood lately, maybe it's because I'm over the moon excited to get some Moyou London stamping plates for Christmas this year and I'm just making sure I'm the best Stamper I can be for when I get them :p.

I have a lot of stamping plates already not counting the ones I'm getting so I decided to use one that I've never  used before featuring a Snake scale print. I didn't want to be super realistic and use Snake colors because that's not my jam, I'm a  bright vibrant candy Color kind of girl. Therefore naturally I chose Purple Poodle by Orly and Harp on It by Color Club for my Snake skin manicure,  because people as a whole might like snakes more if they were purply pink and holographic :p

Hope you enjoy this one guys. I was overall pretty pleased but admittedly it was a little difficult to photograph the holo over the purple but it turned out pretty well with the right lighting. Thanks again for stopping in and checking out my post today :)  Hope to see you again tomorrow for more nail art fun!

P-Bubbs :)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Orly Angel Rain and Zoya Vega

Hello guys. I swear the weather here thinks it's  spring not fall because two out of three days lately have been Gloomy and rainy. I sincerely hope that the weather is nice where you are :).

Anyway on to today's nails.. It's a pretty simple nail day today. I really just wanted to showcase these lovely colors and was rather inspired by Frozen hence the color choices :p

The polishes I have used here are Zoya Vega and Orly Angel Rain. Vega is a magical Pixie and Angel Rain  is part of the surreal collection by Orly.

I  hope you have enjoyed my post today guys!  Even though today's nails are simple I find simple nails sometimes the most elegant when working with certain colors. I have today off so there will be some more detailed nail art up tomorrow thanks to my free time today :)

Thanks for stopping by guys I love it when you visit and I get to share my nail art with you :) See you again tomorrow and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post :)

Much love guys
P-Bubbs :)

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A fist full of rainbows!

Heyo lovelies thanks for stopping by today :) You may have noticed in my last few posts that I trimmed my nails down a bit (or you may not  have noticed I'm not the centre of the universe :p) I got a cracked in my thumb nail a few weeks back and whileI was ssucceeding in repairing it while it grew out I just decided it would be a good time to trim and re grow. If you would like a tutorial on my repair process just let me know :)

Anyway moving on to the nail art of the day.  I felt very colourful today so I grabbed a rainbow of colors and went at it. I hope you enjoy the results I do but once I was finished I realized it was a little more motley /jester-ish ythan I had planned on but I didn't mind because it still looked nifty to me. Here is a list of colors used!

Sally Hansen White On as a basr
Essie Licorice for the stamp outline
piCture pOlish Jealousy
OPI Over and over a Gwen
Cover girl Goldilocks
Essie Fifth Avenue
China Glaze Givers theme
China Glaze Capacity to see beyond

Thanks again for stopping by guys.  Don't hesitate to ask any questions or comment bbelow and don't forget  to subscribe!   Much love see you next time

P-Bubbs :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Nail art with Heart

Heyo everyone! Thanks for stopping by today to check out my newest post! As you might know if you check my blog regularly I just started getting into advanced stamping nail art. I know that the only thing that makes perfection is practice so Todays nail art will feature advanced stamping again :)

I was intimidated by this type of nail art at first, and was nervous to give it a go as I said before, but it is so fun that I really am glad I took the leap. Now I really enjoy this type of stamping, but I don't yet have ten stampers on the go to do a whole mani at once so I'm a little slow at it over here with my one stamper :P

Anyway to get right down to it the colors I used were piCture pOlish Whimsy as a base and the following polishes were used for the stamping

Orly Pink Waterfall
Color Club Pucci-Licious
Color Club Blue-Ming
Color Club Beyond

Thanks again for checking out my posts guys! Don't forget to come back again to see more!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Essie Bahama Mama and Color Club Diamond Drops

Hey all hope you are well today :) I am in such a fall mood  these days I'm loving my sweaters and leggings and Spirithood therefore naturally my nails are going to be done in a nice rich fall color to match my mood.

I kept my nails simple and elegant today  using a base of Bahama Mama by Essie with a glitter topper called Diamond Drops by Color  Club.

Bahama Mama is a beautiful deep plum cream polish from Essie that applies smoothly and with  a nice glossy finish even without a top coat. I believe Bahama Mama  pairs wonderfully with Diamond Drops by Color Club which is a silver flake glitter topper.

Thanks for checking out my post today everyone see you again next time. Don't forget to subscribe and follow me for daily nail art and polish related posts :)

P-Bubbs :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

piCture pOlish Kyrptonite with Shine of the Times and Make Him Mine.

Afternoon everyone. It's cold here! Brrrrr. Good thing I have my much adored Spirit hood to keep me warm whilst I paint nails and game :P I'm actually kind of excited for the chill of Winter :)

Today I am using one of my favorite piCture pOlish shades Kryptonite as a base layer with a thin layer of Essie Shine of the Times painted over it to give it a little more dimension, not that it needed it I'm just all about that sparkle and enjoy having different colors and tones of shine to my manicures.

When these layers were good and dry I began the stamping process. I used OPI Make Him Mine which is a liquid sand from a Mariah Carey Holiday collection from a while back for a nice copper colored stamped image which I think goes well with a deep green. After it was all dry of course I slapped some top coat on it and voila!

Hope you enjoyed todays mani guys! I love it to bits and pieces :P Thanks for swinging by today and I hope you return tomorrow for more new content! Don't forget to share and subscribe to stay in the loop <3


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Today we attempt advanced stamping....It went pretty well.

Hey guys, I know advanced stamping has been around for a while now but I was a little intimidated to try it but lastnight I threw caution to the wind and said what the heck lets go for it, I think the results came out rather nicely if I do say so myself :P.

To start off I painted my nails with a base coat of Color Club Angel Kiss which is a light blue holo. I then used Essie Licorice for the main stamp outline and colored it in with Angel Kiss, Do you have this color in Stockholm, and Girls love Ponies both by OPI.

I then allowed a quick dry top coat to dry completely on my nails and allowed the image on the stamp to dry about 90% and then carefully rolled the image onto the nail. I had to use a little pressure and go slowly to make sure the image was transferring correctly and not ripping..

I feel the results especially for my first attempt came out quite well. I would suggest giving this a go if you haven't already :P It is a bit of a lengthy process but that is of no matter to me as I love doing my nails to be a process :P

Of course the last thing I did was clean up around the cuticle and paint on my favorite quick dry top coat to seal the deal :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you do enjoy my posts don't forget to subscribe and comment below for any more information :) Thanks for checking out my post today guys! See you next time!


Monday, 3 November 2014

Castle themed nails :)

Afternoon guys! So the TV show castle is a favorite of mine and across all the nail stamping plates I have I was able to put together an awesome Castle inspired mani :)
All I did was use Color Club Beyond as a base and then stamp my desired images using Color Club Mamba, Sally Hansen White On, and Cover girl Goldilocks.
I wanted to convey the image and setting of the show which I think I have achieved, I am pleased with it anyway I hope you guys like it to! :)
Thanks for dropping by today guys I always love it when you visit. Don't forget to like and share and subscribe if you want to stay in the loop with my posts! See you next time guys!


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Givers Theme base with Animal Print accent nails :)

Good Morning guys! Well at least its morning here..well sort of, I admit it I'm  a late sleeper since when I do work it's usually at night :P ANYWAY I hope you all are well and that your November is off to a great start!
Today I felt like going purple as it's one of my favorite colors so I chose Givers theme for my base which I have swatched and reviewed before here and for the accent I used a nail art paint pot by Kiss nail art and For the Twill of it by Essie.
First I used my strengthening products and base coat. After those products had dried thoroughly I applied two even coats of Givers theme and allowed to dry completely. I then applied the animal print spots and outlined them with the paint brush.
I am looking forward to getting into doing youtube tutorials so that I can show you all how I create my manis. Right now its just a matter of setting up the space to do so :S

I hope you guys enjoy this mani and remember to  like and share if you want your friends to see! Don't forget to subscribe if you like my content guys I love hearing from you! See you next time and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Orly Galaxy FX Milky Way Swatch and Review

Good Morning all, and Happy November. I hope your Halloweening if you took part was wonderful, but now we make the foray into a new month and alas Halloween nail art must stop here less people think you are starting waaaayyy too early for next year.
I wanted to start off November simply with a swatch of another Orly Galaxy FX polish which I love called Milky Way. Milky Way is a thicker glitter filled polish, however just because the consistency is thicker that in no way made it difficult to work with this polish. I found in my experience Milky Way went on smooth with no trouble at all and was opaque after two coats.
Milky way has a very light blue base with tiny blue, coral and white glitters all throughout. Unlike with some polishes I have  used that are this heavy on the glitter I find that the Orly Galaxy FX polishes never tend to separate and you don't have to shake the crap out of them to get them to blend together so to me this is a plus.
Orly Milky Way dries smooth to the touch and is not prone to chip easily. I of course followed up the application with my favorite quick dry topcoat, but being an active gamer my hands receive a lot of keyboard/ controller use and the polish has received no chips as of yet :)

Thanks for stopping by again guys I love to hear from you, and I appreciate you checking out my posts. If you like my content please remember to subscribe guys, it really helps me out and lets me know you are interested in my content :)
Have a great day guys, and a great start to Novemeber!! See you next time :)