Friday, 28 November 2014

SNSD nail art

Morning Lacquer Lovers!! So I'm very excited for the nail art I am going to show you today, it is SNSD themed. Today I have taken pictures of both hands because I had two separate ideas using the same base, and figured why the heck not just have two different cohesive designs for one complete nail art? So that's what I did :)

So I started out this nail art with a base color of Butterfly Kisses by L'Oreal which is a slightly shimmery pale rose pink. It's so pretty guys it's one of my favorite pinks it just reminds me of walking through a garden in spring/ summer it's the most beautiful and relaxing color (if you like pinks like I DO!!)

I then did a very thin and sparing coat on all the nails of OPI My voice is a little Norse to add that POP of sparkle and added girly look.

When that was dry I took my silver kiss nail art paint and painted a series of half circle designs on to all of the nails as a neat accent that wasn't too distracting, just keeping it from being too plain in the background. Our next step is where we changed this nail art up :P

Ok so now the nail art gets different on both hands. For my left hand I took my white kiss nail art paint and painted both the SNSD heart logo and the SNSD Hangul across my fingers, please forgive imperfections as I am not Korean :( and my nail art paint was getting a little glooby, guess it's time to replace :) On my right hand I did the same design but in rhinestone embellishments!

To affix the embellishments I applied a generous amount of non quick dry  nail polish to the nail and affixed each rhinestone one by one pressing gently into the polish but not too much so there was no smudging :)

I then just top coated both hands and allowed to dry :)

Thanks for stopping by today guys, let me know in the comments what you think and if you like it I always love hearing from you, and hope to see you pop by again tomorrow!!

P-Bubbs :)

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