Friday, 31 October 2014

Rocky Horror Picture Show nails :)

Greetings once again everyone. This will be my last Halloween mani this year obviously because today is Halloween, and I saved my absolute favorite idea for last :) Here are my Rocky Horror Picture Show nails in the styling of some of the character outfits from the awesome film itself. From thumb to pinkie we have Columbia, Frank-n-furter, the space costumes, Magenta, and Rocky himself :P
I used a lot of colors to achieve this one guys so I will list them below. I really hope you guys enjoy this mani, it is my favorite Halloween themed mani this year for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by again guys. Have a spooktacular Halloween! Be safe and Have fun!

Colors Used

Essie - Sand Tropez
piCture pOlish - Darcy
kiss nail art paint pots black and white
Zoya - Chyna
OPI- Christmas gone plaid
OPI - Fashion a Bow
Revlon - Copper Penny
Butter London - West End Wonderland
China Glaze - Swanky Silk
China Glaze -  Fangtastic

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cute Pumpkins for Halloween :)

Hey guys!! Do you all like Halloween a much as I do? Since It's the day before Halloween  thought some adorable little pumpkins might be in order.  I didn't get to carve a pumpkin this year but at least I did get to put some on my nails which is always a plus, and this way I get to carry them around with me :P
I painted a base coat of Quo by Orly in Mega Orange and allowed to dry. I then painted the three contouring white lines with a simple kiss nail art paint pot and allowed to dry. I then used China Glaze Def Defying and OPI Christmas gone Plaid to paint the leaf details with a very fine tipped brush. Using the same fine tipped brush I painted the glowing bits of the face in with Cover Girl Goldilocks and when dry I outlined the facial details with another kiss nail art paint pot in black :).
I really love this Halloween nail art, it it my favorite so far this year and makes me feel super festive!
Thanks so much for popping by today guys, I hope you like this manicure and I hope you all have a super happy and safe Halloween :)
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

piCture pOlish Borealis and OPI This gown needs a crown!

Afternoon guys :) I hope you all are well, and thanks for stopping by my piece of the web!
Today I wanted to bring you another piCture pOlish shade in the way of Borealis, and also some awesome nail stamping with OPI This gown needs a crown!
I first created a black base with Essie Licorice and then applied one coat of Borealis and then a quick dry topcoat. I then applied my stamped image using OPI this gown needs a crown and when dry sealed again with a quick dry topcoat and the results are magical ;)
I Hope you enjoy this mani as much as I do, and as much as I enjoyed creating it :) Let me know what you think in the comments or anything else you would like to see :) Don't forget to subscribe guys! See you soon!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Orly FX Starburst and China Glaze WIsh Upon a Starfish are a perfect match

Hey all! So a while ago while I was busy and took a little hiatus from blogging I got these polishes from nail polish Canada, actually I got three of the Orly Galaxy FX collection and three from the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection. I have worn them but never swatched them for public viewing so here we are!
The thing I didn't realize until I received all of the polishes together is that the polishes I received from both collections match the polishes from the other collection perfectly. Today I have showcased Orly Galaxy FX Starburst which is a cream egg shell sort of white with a variety of shapes and tones of pink and gold glitters throughout, and China Glaze Wish Upon a Starfish which is a textured pink with orange and gold undertones.
I find that these two colors match together very well and remind me of a strawberry milkshake on my nails which I shall not complain about one bit. Sorry about the cuticles being a little messy on this one guys, I started to feel ill and headed to bed earlier than planned so please forgive some glitter sticking around :(
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Borderlands the Pre Sequel themed nails

Heyo everyone! Welcome, and thanks for stopping by the check out my nails of the day I always appreciate when you stop by!
Today my nails are based on a "skin" or an outfit of the character Nisha from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. My boyfriend and I play the Borderlands franchise religiously and while discussing what nail art to do he suggested I check out some of his characters outfits for inspiration and this one really grabbed my attention.
Colors used are Cover Girl Goldilocks, Sally Hansen White On, and Essie Licorice. Lines and checkers are hand painted and the skull is from BM stamping plate 211.
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Zoya Cosmo Swatch and Review

Hey guys, today I have a swatch and review of Zoya Cosmo for you. Cosmo is one of the magical pixie polishes brought to us by the amazing brand Zoya. I absolutely love the magical pixie trio I picked up which contains Lux, Cosmo, and Vega.
These magical pixies only require two coats for full coverage and catch the light like like diamonds. As this is a textured polish the formula is a bit thicker, but not clumpy and applies evenly and easily. Cosmo is not meant to be a fast dry polish but the magical pixies being textured polishes of  a thicker consistency do seem to dry a little quicker than your typical nail polish which for me is great because I tend to very easy smudge my manicures by jumping into a video game too soon :P
I have had this polish on for half a day now and have used my hands heavily for PC gaming and work and I have not had a single chip. Cosmo is super durable and stays looking fantastic even when put to the test by someone with active hands like me :)
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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Negative space and you guessed it, glitter!

Hey guys, Thanks for stopping by again today. It really does mean so much to me when you take the time to view my posts. Today I went with a negative space manicure featuring Ruby Wing Festival, and Essie Blanc. Apologies for the slight staining on my nail beds, I'm still working on getting a bright orange that stained me off my nails :P Anyway This one is pretty simple so not much to discuss. Don't forget to subscribe guys :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

piCture pOlish Solar Flare Swatch

Morning all. In this succession of exceedingly gloomy days in my neck of the woods I just felt like doing something simple and awesome so I thought HEY! I'll swatch piCture pOlishes super awesome polish Solar Flare! I love love love this color, but honestly I love all of piCture pOlishes limited edition space themed colors. I purchased all but two of them I think (fracking budget constrictions :S). Solar Flare is a color shifting scatter holo which changes from a golden brown-orange to a more burgundy color dependent upon lighting. Here I used artificial light provided by my flash to illustrate this change. As with my experience with other piCture pOlishes this formula is amazing, so smooth and fluid that it's a dream to paint onto your nails.
The polishes from this particular collection show up best when painted over a black base, which I have done here. I painted my nails first with two thin coats of Essie Licorice to create my black canvas and then applied two thin coats of Solar Flare. I allowed the coats to dry completely before applying the next etc and when fully dry I applied my favorite quick dry top coat :)
If you haven't already looked into this collection I would strongly recommend it, especially if you like spacey stuff like galaxies etc. They really are all beautiful shades and I will have more swatched for you asap between other nail arts.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Zoya Lux and Essie Secret Story

Hey guys :) So today I decided to go full on Barbie with my manicure and pink it up glitter style haha. Here I have used Essie Secret Story on the majority of my nails with Zoya Lux which is a Pixie Dust polish on my accent nails. Both polishes apply great however naturally the pixie dust is thicker to apply as it is a pixie dust/ textured polish and that is really to be expected. The polish isn't clumpy or awkward to apply because it is thicker though it juts coats your nails in wonderous glitter in two small coats which also happen to dry pretty darn fast. Overall I love both of these polishes and their formulas. There were no issues with clumping or streaking at all and I love the resulting manicure! I hope you have enjoyed it as well! Thanks for stopping by guys I always appreciate it when you do. Don't forget to subscribe!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

OPI Fashion a Bow with copper stamping.

Morning all. I hope the weather is better where you are because it's rainy and grey here :( What better way to push back the gloom than with BRIGHT nails! Today I have used OPI Fashion a bow as my base. Fashion a Bow is from the new OPI Christmas collection with Gwen Stefani and is a lovely orange red, The formula of this creme polish is superb. It glides onto the nail smoothly and evenly with absolutely no clumping or dragging. I then used Revlon Copper Penny and Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-422 to stamp the hexagonal design onto the nails. After allowing to fully dry, I then applied my favorite quick dry topcoat. I love these nails personally, I recently discovered that orange/  red orange is one of my favorite nail painting colors so when I saw this shade I had to get it :)
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Purple French tips on glitter!

Afternoon all :) How are you all today? I hope you are doing great! One of my favorite nail designs is colored french tips on a glitter base which I am bringing to you today :) I just think there is something about this combo that looks so elegant and mystical so naturally I love it. The colors I used are pictured above (Orly - Pixie Powder, Butter London - Stardust, and Color Club - Pucci-Licious) I also affixed some rhinestones and hand placed star glitter on my accent nails to create star flowers :). I al very pleased with this, the shine and glitter is just BABAM. I love it when it looks like a fairy did my nails :P
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Monday, 20 October 2014

piCture pOlish love :)

Hey guys! How are you today? I hope you are all well :) Today I have a piCture pOlish manicure for you featuring some of my favorite piCture pOlish shades (but how can you pick a favorite ahhh). The colors are Lizzie, and Gravity. piCture pOlish always has amazing formulas that go on super smooth and these polishes are no exception to that rule they go on fabulously. Here I simply painted my nails with Lizzie (three thin coats) and then proceeded to use painters tape to block off sections on the accent nails to create the waved effect. I then painted over the tape with Gravity to create this two toned manicure. I hope you all enjoy it and I highly recommend these polishes. If you don't already own a piCture pOlish or two then you should really consider picking some up :) Thanks for dropping by again guys, I hope you enjoyed the post, don't forget to subscribe!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Who ya Gonna Call??

Hey there everyone  and thanks for checking out my post.  I was watching Ghost Busters again lastnight which btw is one of my favorite movies and naturally I got the inspiration to do a Mani in the Ghost Busters  theme yayy!! Haha Apologies for some slight streaking as my topcoat dragged some black outlining  a bit but otherwise I'm pleased. Colors  are OPI fashion a bow, Ruby Wing Green Peace, Essie Blanc, and a random black nail art outlining polish. Thanks for checking out my post  guys! come back soon, and don't forget to subscribe!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

It's fall but I still love me some Turquoise nails

Welcome all! Thanks again for stopping by it's always a pleasure :) Today I am bringing you a basic mani with accent nails. I wanted/ needed to paint my nails anew but was a little pressed for time so nothing too complicated today. Colors used are Essie Naughty Nautical, and OPI My Voice is a little Norse. I know I've used this shade of OPI in a few manis already this month but I just can't get enough of it, the sparkle is so great with this one. Again guys thanks for taking a look at my nails of the day :) If you like my content and want to stay posted don't forget to subscribe!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Glitter tips with OPI Christmas gone plaid and Butter London West End Wonderland

Good day all.So I just picked up a  few shades from the Gwen Stefani Christmas collection with OPI and wanted to showcase this beautiful forest green (which is my first forest green surprisingly) and I thought it would go well with a gold glitter and I think I was right! I really love this color guys. I will swatch the two I purchased in a day or so and give a review but it is seriously gorgeous. Hope you enjoy this mani. Camera situation pending I am going to try to get tutorials going asap. I will link to my youtube when that happens :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Halloween Contest Nails.

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by again. Today I am bringing you some Halloween nails that I am entering in a contest. The Contest is being held by Nail Polish Canada.  If you are interested it can be found on their website under the Trends tab marked Halloween nail art challenge.  I wanted to create a monster on my nails and I think I accomplished what I was going for. I really just wanted to focus on the eyes and mouth and use all the white lines to leave the rest of its shape to the imagination as if all you can see in the dark for certain are its red eyes and sharp fangy teeth!! Haha. Well I hope you enjoy this manicure, you should head over to Nail Polish Canada and check out the entries. If you like my entry feel free to vote for it!
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Super Glittery "skittles" manicure :P

Good afternoon!( or whatever time it happens to be wherever you lovely people are!) Thanks for dropping by again as you know I always appreciate it! So I've had piCture pOlish Focus for a while now but never really did a manicure around it so naturally I thought hmmm let's pair it with my favorite thing ever glitter. I think I made the right decision because I absolutely love it. Focus is a piCture pOlish shade made in collaboration with the blogger over at Pointless Cafe. As with all piCture pOlish shades that I own the formula is flawless and so smooth going on, just like butter. The glitter that I used is Cosmo by Zoya. Cosmo is part of the Magical Pixie line by Zoya.

In case you wanted to see the colors I used in bottle, here they are! If you don't already have these beauties in your collection I would seriously consider picking them up. I can't even count how many compliments I've had wearing them separately. 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OPI Nordic collection glitter gradient

Hey guys :) So I personally only picked up a few shades from the OPI Nordic collection so far, not because all the colors aren't amazing and beautiful, but because I have really similar shades to some of them so I took a miss on some of this collection. The colors are beautiful though so you should totally check the whole collection out!. Here I have used Do you have this color in Stockholm, and My voice is a little Norse (glitter). I apologize that the glitter didn't photograph as well as it looks in real life. I used my phone as I am in the process of shopping around for a new camera. I hope you can see how pretty the colors are though, and I hope you enjoy this mani :)
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Some more Halloween nails!!

Hey all, so just bringing you a quick stamped Halloween mani today. I used a holo polish from Color Club called Harp on It to stamp over Essie Licorice. Sorry if there is a bit of a sheen on these photos, no matter what lighting condition I tried my high gloss top coat, combined with the holo made it hard  to not get the shine lines on the nails :O. Anyway It's just a fun mani for the Halloween season. Hope you enjoy !!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nails to Match my Spirithood!

Heyo! Good afternoon all :) Happy Thanksgiving weekend if that's what you're into! Some of you may know, and some of you won't that I LOVE Spirithoods. If you aren't familiar with Spirithoods you should check them out, they are awesome FAUX fur hoods in an array of animal designs. The company will donate 10% of every purchase to endangered animals so you don't only look awesome you are helping animals. Anyway..I wanted to do nails to match my own Grey Wolf Spirithood so that is what I am bringing to you today :) Here you go!

Colors used are Essie Where's my Chauffeur, China Glaze History of the World, Essie Secret Story, piCture pOlish O'hara, Essie Fifth Avenue, and Essie Licorice.  I adore they way these nails go with my hood <3 I hope you all enjoy this post as well :) Thanks for stopping by again guys I really appreciate it

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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Simple Halloween Themed nails

Good morning all! October is keeping me in a Halloween/ spooky mood more often than not so I decided to go with a subtle Halloween vibe for this manicure. It's simple and easy to do but I freaking love it and I hope you will to.  Here are some pictures, I will discuss colors below :)

The polish I am holding is China Glaze Rest in Pieces from the new China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Halloween collection. Swatches can be found Here .

There you have it guys! The colors I used are China Glaze Roguish Red, China Glaze Rest in Pieces, and Hard Candy Black Tie Optional. The red vibrant red orange combined with the black, white and orange glitters give me a total Halloween feel without any real nail art providing a solid Halloween theme. 
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Friday, 10 October 2014

How I grow out and maintain my long nails

Good morning! So today I wanted to share exactly how it was that I went from having short brittle nails prone to breakage to having long nails perfect for nail art! I used to have short brittle nails that I couldn't grow out without breaking them or having them thin towards the ends so I was always trying new products that claimed to strengthen nails or help them grow. I have tried a  few different products but these two are by far the most successful in actually achieving their claims for me personally.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener and Nail HQ Growth  are the two weapons In my personal arsenal against weak nails. I apply both products before I do my nails, even if I don't have the time to do a manicure I make sure to apply at least these two products to keep my nails strong and protected.

 Nail HQ Growth contains Biotin which is essential in healthy hair, skin and nails as well as vitamins a&d which are also integral in maintaining strong healthy nails. First off I apply one thin coat of Nail HQ Growth and allow to dry completely. The product will dry glossy and clear on the nail despite its pinkish appearance in the bottle. When this coat has dried completely I move on to the next step.

The second step in my nail preparation is applying an even coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener to all of my nails and letting them dry completely before moving on to any other steps in my manicure. This product is clear and adds a gloss to the nail as well. When thoroughly dry you can then move on to doing whatever lovely nail art you like.

I do this every single time I remove old polish and begin a new. No one has nails that don't break occasionally but these products really have worked excellently for me to help growth and strength. Nail HQ Growth has helped me grow my nails out longer and stronger in record time, while Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener reinforces them making them stronger and helping avoid breakage.

I also want to add that in addition to applying these products I have always tried to avoid getting my hands  and nails wet for an extended period of time. When nails get water logged frequently they become more brittle and prone to breakage. If I am doing anything with my hands that requires they be wet for long periods of time (dishes, washing the car etc) I will wear gloves to protect them.

For the appearance of healthy nails and to make your nail art and manicures look even better it is also important to keep your cuticles in good shape. I often moisturize my hands paying extra attention to the cuticle area to make sure that the skin doesn't dry and peel and start to look a little on the nasty side.

Well these are the products and tips that I use to help maintain my nails and I suggest that you try them. Of course the same thing doesn't always work for everyone but I do believe in  these products and their effectiveness. Both products retail for $7-$10 and can be purchased wherever nail products are sold. I hope you enjoyed this post and that these tips work for you to! Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Classy Animal Print nails

Good morning all :) So I don't typically do "animal print" although I do really like it when I see pictures of manicures featuring it. Last night however  I had a request to do a manicure featuring animal print so I delivered, I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do! Colors used are listed after the images

Colors used : OPI - Keeping Suzi at Bay
                      Essie - Mochaccino
                      Essie - Sand Tropez
                      Quo by Orly instant nail artist in black.

Over all I am pleased with this mani as I don't typically delve into animal prints as I said at the beginning of the post. I think it looks classy however and I would definitely do it again, so thanks for the suggestion!
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

China Glaze Halloween Ghoulish Glow mani !

Hey all :) So I promised I would incorporate China Glaze Ghoulish Glow into a Mani and show you how well it glows in the dark and here I am fulfilling that promise :) I painted my nails with a gaming theme and used four coats of Ghoulish Glow as a top coat.  You do not need to use that many coats in any regard, however I wanted to make sure the glow would photograph well so I gave it an extra coat or two. Here are the pics :)

As you can see in the photos on the right hand side I used more Ghoulish Glow than I necessarily needed to -which caused my design to not be very visible in the glow photograph, but that's ok because what I wanted to illustrate was the glow effect of this awesome polish. Now you might be wondering if you need to do anything special to make it glow in every day life and the answer would be not really. I don't stand around with my hands under a lamp all day but whenever I enter a low lit or dark area my nails glow like Fire Flies and its wonderful :) Personally I purchased my bottle of Ghoulish Glow from Nail Polish Canada but you can purchase it wherever China Glaze Nail Laquer is sold. My only advice for using this polish would be to shake the bottle really well between the application of coats to make sure the glow particles are well distributed for an even glowing effect :)

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Excited for the new season :D

Just gearing up for the new season of my personal favorite zombie apocalypse show (and a likely string of Halloween themed nails)  with this zombified Mani. I am loving this manicure personally and I hope you will enjoy it to :) Here are the pictures!

And a little closer up.. 

Hope you liked it guys. I certainly had a great time doing them.  if you enjoy my posts and want to keep up with them as they happen then don't forget to subscribe :)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness support nails

Hey guys.  So it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and although I haven't done a manicure for a cause before it was mentioned on the Internet that it would be a good way to  creatively show support to all the people who are effected by Breast Cancer. I know it's just a Mani and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really "do" anything for someone effected by a terrible and scary disease but I think that beauty, support,  and good spirits are also important which is what I tried to achieve with this. I hope you enjoy.

Don't forget to educate yourself and support those effected by Breast Cancer in any way you can.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Halloween collection - Swatches and review

Morning all :) So I am super excited  to have the China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Halloween collection up and swatched for you today. The China Glaze  Halloween collections are always very near and dear to my heart as for the past four years I have made somewhat of a tradition of purchasing them and I have yet to be disappointed. Let's start the swatching shall we? Enjoy :)

A photo of the collection as it arrived in its Halloween packaging :) 

I love your guts is a textured polish that is largely pinish red shade flecked throughout with tons of tiny black speckles which create texture and give the appearance of dried guts on your nails. As a Halloween/ Zombie apocalypse Movie/ TV show kind of girl I love this, it's awesome and eerie and dries to a super matte textured finish.

Don't let the dead bite is a creamy nude/ flesh toned polish packed full of red and pinkish glitters of all sorts. I have used two coats here for optimal coverage but one coat looks really cool as well. This polish dries smooth, applies well and reminds me of blood trickles and trails as if one were to be bitten by a zombie! Muahaha!

But of corpse is essentially the same as I Love Your Guts, except it's this awesome shade of green and instead of looking like, well..dried looks like the color of a rotten zombie teetering around looking for brains and the like. As with I Love Your Guts this polish dries Matte with a textured feel and is awesome. 

Getting to Gnaw You is another textured polish in the collection which is a black polish with a ton of little orange glitters throughout. Unlike But of Corpse, and I Love Your Guts, this polish does not dry matte and is instead rather shiny because of all the glitter. Very monstrous and beautiful. 

The last two swatches I have are both of Rest in Pieces which as you can see is a clear base with orange and black glitter pieces in an array of shapes and sizes. The photo above is Rest is Pieces swatched alone on the nail, and the photo below is Rest in Pieces swatched over But of Corpse for an example of how it looks on top of another color. It would really have gone excellently with most of the colors in the collection. I just wanted to wear But of Corpse :P

I did also throw in a picture of the bottle of Ghoulish Glow so that you can see how much it does glow. This is the third bottle of Ghoulish Glow that I own and I absolutely love it. I was going to try to swatch it, but I decided against it in favor of incorporating it into a mani and taking a short video to show you how it glows. I will have that video up as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next few days.

All in all I was not disappointed in the least with this collection. China Glaze always does such an amazing job on their Halloween collections that I look forward to them every year. The formulas for these polishes go on amazingly- although as with some textured polishes the coats have to be very dry before you apply another coat so you don't drag any of the previous coat off the nail. The coverage and pigmentation of the overall collection was great as well - two thin coats was the max I needed for complete nail coverage with any of the polishes in the collection. 

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Downton Abbey inspired nails

Evening all.  So Downton Abbey  is back and I am always so inspired by movies and shows that take place in different time periods and Downton Abbey is of course no exception.  Here I have  used China Glaze Rare and Radiant and Essie Mojito Madnes. Mojito Madness is stamped over Rare and Radiant to create a tapestry / brocade feel. Enjoy :)

I really enjoy this combo for fall and since Rare and Radiant is a China Glaze duo chrome the tone of the base color changes slightly with light and movement. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you like my content don't forget to subscribe and stay in the loop.