Monday, 10 November 2014

Surreal Snake Skin nails

Good morning  fellow lacquer lovers!  I hope you all are fantastic  on this brand new day :) I'm in such a stamping mood lately, maybe it's because I'm over the moon excited to get some Moyou London stamping plates for Christmas this year and I'm just making sure I'm the best Stamper I can be for when I get them :p.

I have a lot of stamping plates already not counting the ones I'm getting so I decided to use one that I've never  used before featuring a Snake scale print. I didn't want to be super realistic and use Snake colors because that's not my jam, I'm a  bright vibrant candy Color kind of girl. Therefore naturally I chose Purple Poodle by Orly and Harp on It by Color Club for my Snake skin manicure,  because people as a whole might like snakes more if they were purply pink and holographic :p

Hope you enjoy this one guys. I was overall pretty pleased but admittedly it was a little difficult to photograph the holo over the purple but it turned out pretty well with the right lighting. Thanks again for stopping in and checking out my post today :)  Hope to see you again tomorrow for more nail art fun!

P-Bubbs :)

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