Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Born Pretty Store Princess themed water decals review!

Hey Lacquer Lovers!! I have another super sweet nail art and product review from Born Pretty Store.  I am particularly excited for this item because it is Princess themed! Science knows how I love Princesses and Disney so this is pretty epic in my humble opinion. On to the review!

So here we are as the product arrived through the post. There were no bends that occurred during shipping and all the images came perfectly in tact.  As you can see there are simple and easy to follow instructions on the back of the package so if you are new to water decals this should help familiarize you with how they work and assist you in perfect application :) I love that there are portraits, full body silhouettes, pattern lines, names, AND accenting images for each of the three Princesses featured (Belle, Jasmine, Ariel). I think this makes the nail arts you could use these for very varied allowing for lots of versatility so that you can have Princess nails many times over without using the same combo twice. :)

I decided to go with a Jasmine theme for the nail art I did illustrating the decals in use. As you can see the black decals cover color completely but the lighter decals will suffer visibility wise if you try to place them over a lot of color. This is to be expected but knowing it will help you plan out your nail arts without wasting decals which is always good.

If my past posts haven't illustrated exactly how much I love water decals, I will reiterate the sentiment right now, I love water decals, they allow for so much versatility and detail in manicures for people who are new to nail art, or who simply don't have the time to spend hours doing their nails. I genuinely believe everyone should have some water decals on hand if you do your nails regularly :) They are very handy.

These water decals were very easy to use, transferred to the nail well, and stayed in place perfectly. They are easy to place and easy to apply perfect for beginners and experts alike; I strongly recommend them especially for all you Princess fanatics out there like me :P

If you would like to get your hands on some of these awesome water decals they are available here for only $2.65!! Also don't forget that you can use my discount code AZEW10 for 10% off your entire order.

So what do you think guys? I love these, I know I will have Princess nails all the time now. Don't forget to check out Born Pretty Store for your nail art and beauty supply needs. There is so much stuff on there, literally everything you could need is there, and affordable!

I really appreciate you guys stopping in today and I look forward to sharing another nail art with you asap!

See you next time guys!

Much Love
Jenn :)

Born Pretty Store loose flaky glitter pot review!!

Hey lacquer lovers! I have another review on tap for you today. Born Pretty Store sent me some loose flaky glitter in this beautiful blue color, and I will be using and reviewing it today here for you :)

Here you can see the product as it arrived through the post. It is a little cylinder of light blue flaky holographic glitter. It is a completely dry glitter product that you must place onto damp nail polish and seal on with a top coat. You really don't need much product per nail so this little cylinder will go a long way. This product is perfect for adding some shimmer to give a jeweled / iced over effect to any manicure. Let's take a look at my simple manicure using this product :)

Voila! All I did was dip the tips of my nails which had already been painted with polish and allowed to dry about half way into the glitter pot. This would also be a great product to hand place, or layer for a more dimensional effect. I really enjoy how the flakes look on the nails and am very satisfied with this product over all. Blue is not the only color that this item comes in, it can be purchased in a  variety of shades here for only $1.59 per pot which I find very reasonable for quick easy nail art with lots of sparkle!

What do you think of loose glitter like this guys? Do you love it, hate it? Total noob to loose glitter? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. Don't forget to check out Born Pretty Store for lots of extremely affordable nail art and beauty products, and be sure to use my discount code AZEW10 for 10% off your order :)

That's all for now guys thanks for dropping by, look for another post tomorrow!!

Much Love
Jenn :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Born Pretty Store Beautiful Finger Roses and Butterflies water decals review

Heyo lacquer lovers! I am so excited to bring you this review today! Born Pretty Store has sent me these BEAUTIFUL water decals for review. I love Roses and Butterflies, they are so beautiful that I could NOT wait to get these on my nails. *Squee* . Here goes guys, hope you enjoy the review and that you find the look as pretty as I do :)

Here is the package of water decals as they arrived. They were folded in the package, but carefully along the unused area so as not to effect or ruin any of the decals. They were in a sealed plastic bag, and had a clear over sheet to protect the water decals themselves before sale. There is one pink/ red, one blue/ purple, and one yellow/ orange themed blocks which means lots and lots of combo options!!

This is just a little close up for you of each panel. As you can see there are also pretty little Leaf, and Pearl decals to accent the Flowers and Butterflies. You will definitely need a small pair of scissors to cut each decal out, but a nice pair of cuticle scissors works extremely well if you have them.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with water decals they kind of work like temporary tattoos. You simply cut out which image you want, dip it into water for 10-15 seconds and then the image slides off the backing. You can then affix the image to the desired area of the nail. All you need to do after that is dry off any excess water and apply top coat. You can even use a hair dryer to make sure they are affixed into place quicker. These did dry into place on their own however as they sat on the nail longer.

Lastly here is my complete manicure using these pretty flower and butterfly water decals :) I love it so much!! I did a color gradient base so that I could match some flowers from every panel to my nails to illustrate how you can combine them and how they look in all colors.

I am extremely satisfied with these water decals. They are so beautiful and they are extremely easy to apply. They are excellent for giving you a super fancy look in under 10 minutes for those times when you want banging nails but are short on time. The best part is that not only are they beautiful, they are extremely affordable. You can get them on the Born Pretty Store website for only $3.39!! That's not all though! If you use my discount code from the image below (AZEW10) you can get 10% off your entire order.

So what do you think guys? Let me know in the comments below what your opinions are on water decals. I love them now :) Thanks for dropping by guys and don't forget to check out Born Pretty Store for tons of nail art and beauty supplies at a very affordable price for us fabulous people on a budget.

Much Love
Jenn :)

Born Pretty Store kawaii stamping plate review!!

Hey lacquer lovers!!! I missed writing to you, I'm so sorry it's been a while I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row in this big crazy thing called life so my blogging had taken a back burner for a few weeks. I am not gone however I am going to be posting as much as I can while I try to get some exciting new things going in life. So today I have a super kawaii stamping plate up for review from Born Pretty Store ! Lets get to it shall we? :)

Ok guys, so this is the stamping plate as it arrived to me through the post. As you can see all of their stamping plates have protective film just like all standard run of the mill stamping plates. The images are super cute with tiny little pandas and an anime girl!! I'm so excited :) Let's see how it stamps!

Here you can see the plate after I removed the protective film, it is in perfect condition and all of the images are properly carved. I didn't use a special stamping polish so that had no effect on the results. I simply used a standard black Sally Hansen nail polish for the stamped images so you can clearly see that this plate works well even with budget non stamping specific polishes. I also used my wonderful stamper and scraper set from Born Pretty which I reviewed here in case you are interested. Now let's see a cute nail art I made with this stamping plate!

I was in a sweet heart kind of mood so I wanted to use the pretty hearts image with some lovely pink shades. I love how this turned out. Pretty please forgive my ragged cuticles I need to pick up some cuticle oil, the change in seasons here in Nova Scotia really messes with skins moisture levels at times :P

All in all I am highly pleased with this stamping plate. I highly suggest you check out Born Pretty Store for lots of budget nail art supplies so your nails can be fabulous at a reasonable price. This particular plate retails for only $1.49!! If you are interested in purchasing this plate you can find it here . Don't forget also you guys that if you visit and purchase from Born Pretty that you can use my 10% off discount code! Enter AZEW10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order :)

Well that's all for today guys! Thanks for dropping by, look for another post tomorrow!!

Much Love