Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sultry Red and Black nail art

Hello lacquer lovers how are you all today, good I hope :)  Today's nail art has a Swanky sultry feel brought forth by its bold red and black design.

As a base color for this nail art I used Essie Ballet Slippers. I wanted the background to be light and simple but not quite nude and this color works perfectly.

I then used China Glaze Bump in the night as my black Color to stamp a black pattern on top of the already dry base color.

I then painted diagonal tips on each nail with OPI Over and over a Gwen going over each  tip twice for better coverage.

I then used a thin brushed nail art paint pot to paint a black line along the diagonal red bits, and when that was dry I did the same with a paint pot of the same brand (kiss nail art) but in silver.

Finally I finished the nail art by adding some 3D black stars to my accent nails, and finishing with my favorite quick dry top coat. :)

I hope you guys enjoy this nail art, It seems festive to me but not too christmas-y (I want to save the really Christmas-y nail art for when December hits then look out! haha) This is a different color combo than I usually go for, I usually gravitate towards cutesy not sultry but you need to try new things now and again :)

Thanks for stopping by again you guys, I really appreciate you checking out my work :) Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see whats new, and remember if you like my work you can subscribe to stay up to date!

See you next time all!!
P-Bubbs ;)

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