Sunday, 30 November 2014

Liebster Award

Hey Lacquer Lovers, so today in addition to my regularly scheduled nail art post I am doing something a little different. You may have heard of the Liebster Award which is a pretty fun and awesome way of promoting and discovering new blogs that you might not have visited before but you totally should!

Basically what happens is when you become a nominee you must answer a series of questions issued by the blogger who nominated you and then find 10 other bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate in kind and issue them ten original questions to answer and this chain goes on and on helping us discover awesome new blogs and hopefully getting us all some good exposure and new followers to get our voices out there, and meet other bloggers :)

I have been nominated by Renata Mahmud, you can find her charming blog here .If you would like to check out her post please follow this link :)

So I will get to answering the questions that Renata issued to me in a moment, but first let me familiarize you with the rules, they are as follows

1.Link back to the blog that nominated you (Moi at
2.Answer the questions given to you by your nominator
3.Nominate 10 other bloggers with 200 or fewer followers
4. Issue 10 original questions to your nominees
5.And of course let the nominees know you have nominated them so that they can proceed!

So without further ado here are the questions given to me by Renata and my answers :)

1.How long have you been blogging, and what got you started?

I originally started blogging back in 2012 but then life threw some things at me and I didn't have time to continue and grow my blog into what I wanted it to be so I decided to put it on the back burner at the time. Starting in September of this year (2014) I again had the time and made the decision that it was time to commit to my blog and start getting my voice out there and sharing who I am and what I want to say with others. I hope to continue and have people be interested in what I have to say/ what I do.

2.If you weren't afraid of failing, what would you be doing?

Generally in life I am not afraid of failure, the reasons I don't do something I might want to is usually an issue of whether I can financially afford it or not. Although if money weren't an issue I would love to be in school right now training to be a certified nail tech. It is my dream but currently is not financially possible. Perhaps some day in the future!

3.The best and worst part of being a blogger?

I would definitely say the best part is getting to share my nail art and my opinions and ramblings with others. I love it when people are inspired or impressed by what I do, it inspires me to never give up and to continually improve my skills which is always a good thing. As for the worst part I would say the concern that comes from worrying what if people don't like what I have to offer and I am wasting my time. While we all get these negative thoughts in life I try to press on and reassure myself that things take time and if you do your best everything will work out in the end.

4.Who is your all time favorite musician?

I don't think I can come up with one answer for this one. I am a huge music fan and most of the music I listen to is either Metal, K-Pop or Electronic/industrial. I would say that the band I have loved the longest would be Blind Guardian. If you aren't familiar with them you should check them out, they are amazing.

5.Where were you 10 years ago.

Oh my lets see 10 years I was...17. I was in the 11th grade just getting together with my boyfriend of ten + years and working out who I was as an individual, ah High School..I was a little gothic and brooding throughout High School haha.

6.Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

That is also a difficult question to answer, my best answer would just be that I hope I am happy. If things work out I would like to become successful at this blogging venture and possibly move into Youtube etc. Money is not my primary drive I have a day job I just really want to get what I do out there and inspire people so I hope I can do that. I would also like to think that in 10 years time I will have a child of my own and a home of my own. Here's hoping!

7.If your life was a movie what genre would it be? (comedy/ romance/ horror/ tragic/ action-adventure)

I would definitely have to say comedy. Some of the things my boyfriend and I talk about and the things we say and encounter could totally be a TV sitcom. Life is generally pretty hilarious when it's the two of us so I am going to go with comedy for sure.

8.What are three things you would take with you to a deserted island?

Oh crap only three? Hmm....well I guess those things would be a Handheld gaming system, a super uber mega endless box of batteries or a way to charge it from the sun or some jazz, and my Spirithood. I wanted to say my boyfriend but he would be with me regardless anywhere I went so he would get three things to, I'm sure we'd work it out so we would both enjoy all six things :P

9. What is your idea of the perfect date?

Well I generally don't do dates because why would I want to be out in a crowded eatery or noisy movie theater when I would be eating Pizza or Chinese at home watching a movie or Netflix and playing Video games. So I guess my perfect date would be yummy food at home with my boyfriend followed by playing Video Games together for hours :) I do also like going out shopping with him if you consider that a date :P

10. What is one blog post that you are most proud of?

Hmm well I have a few but I will share this one for now. My comic book nail art, It was a collab idea between my boyfriend and I and came out so awesome in my opinion. Here you go check it out :)
Comic Book Nail art

I am now nominating the following blogs to take part in this

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and more to come..

Here are your questions guys! Have fun!

1.If you could set one song as your theme song what would it be?

2. What is your most prized possession?

3.What are your top three make up/ hair products?

4.Who is your style icon?

5.Where in the world would you travel if you could? If you've already been to your dream location what makes it ideal for you?

6.What thing in life makes you Geek out the hardest (you fill with that sense of tingliness because you can't believe how excited and into this you are, it's totally your jam!)?

7.What is your favorite quote of all time?

8.If you could live in another time period, what time period would it be?

9.What is your favorite food, like so much so that you could eat it and only it forever and ever until the end of time?

10.What is your favorite fashion or makeup/ nail polish Brand and why?


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