Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Magical Butterfly wings with Zoya Cosmo and OPI Sheer Tints

Heyo lacquer lovers. My posts have been a little barren and late in the day lately but life has been a little hectic and whatnot so I am making sure this post gets done this morning before my day gets thrown into possible Chaos and I don't get to post until one or two am again...sigh. Anyway, today I have some lovely magical butterfly wings for you. The base colors created with Zoya Cosmo layered with OPI Sheer tints was inspired by Narmai Piggy Luv another fabulous nail blogger. If you aren't familiar with her I suggest you look her up she does great detail work and translates actual paintings to her nails.

So all I did was paint the nails with Zoya Cosmo, then paint on random dots and sections of the sheer tints (minus the blue because mine freakishly shrunk up to half its size and became completely hard even though stored just like the other three that are perfectly fine...) I then top coated and waited for it to dry completely.

I then used Essie Licorice with MoYou Kitty stamping plate 13 to stamp a butterfly wing pattern onto all the nails. I just thought this glittery, rainbowy, sheer look was perfect for some butterfly wings, and I don't doubt that in the future when I shell out for another blue I will re create this with another butterfly wing look.

What do you think guys? Do you have sheer tints by OPI? Have they all stored well for you? Let me know what you think in the comments :) Hope you enjoyed this post see you next time :)

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Much Love
Jenn :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Purple and glitter OPI and Hard candy

Really pretty and simple mix of OPI Do you have this color in Stockholm and Hard candy so so sequins with a dash of Zoya Monet on top Sorry this is so brief things have been kind of crazy with life and the Holidays and work.  Hope you lacquer lovers are all great :)

Much love

Jenn :)

Sunday, 28 December 2014

piCture pOlish Darcy and Color Club Harp on it

Hey lacquer lovers :) How are you today? I hope you are happy and fabulous! Thanks for dropping in today guys I think you'll enjoy today's nail art, is simple and elegant and can be worn anywhere with anything.

My featured colors today are Darcy by piCture pOlish and Harp on It by Color Club . to start this nail art I've painted my newly trimmed nails (read one broke do its time to trim them all and regrow) with two thin coats of Darcy and then allowed to dry. I then applied s high gloss quick dry top coat. After that was dry I used a Moyou London stamping plate from the sailor collection with Harp on it to stamp this amazing swirly wind/wave pattern onto my nails. I left this topcoat free as the holo was really popping and I didn't want to take away from that effect. Hope you like it and please subscribe :)

Much love

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Super Kawaii Food Nail Art

Greetings lacquer lovers, today I bring you some super Kawaii Food Nail Art stamped using a plate from the wonderful company MoYou London. This plate is from the Suki collection and I have used it today for some advanced stamping to create this fun and sweet nail art.

Colors used are Revlon Popular, China Glaze Givers theme, Sally Hansen White on, Essie Boxer Shorts, Essie Licorice and Sally Hansen peachy breeze.          

I think this nail art turned out so cute. The base color is Revlon Popular and the rest of the colors make up the adorable stamped food images :)

Hope you have enjoyed this nail art today as much as I do. Leave a comment and let me know which food item image is your favourite. Thanks for checking out my post, please subscribe :)

Much love
Jenn :)

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Soothing Waves with piCture pOlish Lagoon

   Hey lacquer lovers sorry that today is going to be a super short post but it is Christmas (Merry Christmas!!!) Today what I have for you is an adorable wave pattern in Sally Hansen White on over piCture pOlish Lagoon. I hope you guys are having an awesome holiday and I'll be back with a longer post tomorrow :)

Much love
Jenn :)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My Christmas Eve Nail Art

Hey lacquer lovers. Can you believe it, it's Christmas Eve already. I can't even fathom how quickly this year seemed to go, I really do think that last Christmas just happened a few weeks ago and now here we are again.

So for my Christmas Eve nails I wanted to use another sweater pattern and I wanted it to be bold so naturally I chose awesome colors that you probably wouldn't actually find on any normal sweater.

I first painted my nails with one coat of Essie Licorice for a nice black base coat to make the other colors POP. I then applied one thin coat of piCture pOlish Gravity and allowed it to dry completely. All I did then was use an awesome MoYou London stamping plate to stamp the sweater images onto the nails using Color Club Harp on it. I omitted any top coat on this nail art as I didn't want to make it too reflective and make the stamping hard to see against the blue.

Voila, I think these are particularly lovely and I am glad that they are my Christmas Eve nails :) I hope you are all having a fabulous Christmas Eve and that your nail art adventures go wonderfully this Holiday season :)

I will likely not be posting tomorrow as it is Christmas and I am going to be spending lots of time with family so I hope you all come back on Boxing day for more nail art adventures :) Much love guys and Merry Christmas!!

Jenn (P-Bubbs) :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

OPI Over and Over a Gwen swatch and review

Evening lacquer lovers! So today I was feeling festive but also vintage, and my favorite period of time from the past is the 40's -60's that classy pin up, victory rolls, housewives period of time that I frankly love and can't get enough of. When I think of this time I think of bright cherry red nails and lips which is perfectly in line with the Holiday season and goes very well with my pale bordering on glow in the dark skin :).

Today I don't have nail art for you so much as a swatch of one of my favorite vintage and festive reds. This color is OPI Over and Over a Gwen. It's been out for a while now and I've used it in a few of my previous nail arts but I really wanted to feature it today because I think it's so beautiful. This luscious cream cherry read applies very smooth and requires two to three coats for complete coverage. Since it is such a highly pigmented and bright red be sure to use a base coat first to avoid staining to your nail beds which will occur with just about any bright color. This polish dries glossy although I do have a top coat applied on top of it in these photos for extra shine and protection.

I've used this polish a number of times and it doesn't seem to chip overly easily. I'm a gamer and beauty enthusiast so I use my hands a lot and my nails get bumped around and tapped on keys etc and they still look fabulous after almost an entire day of wear.

All in all if you are looking for a good in your face red to make you feel beautiful and bold I definitely recommend this one. It retails for around $20.00 Canadian and comes in it's own box with some nail embellishments that you can use for various different nail art possibilities.

Anyway guys the Holidays are sneaking up on us fast so thanks for taking the time to pop by today :) Hope your Holiday is fantastic, and wherever you may be or whatever your traditions are I wish you nothing but happiness :)

Much Love
Jenn (P-Bubbs) :)

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Monday, 22 December 2014

piCture pOlish gradient and Christmas Trees nail art

Afternoon Lacquer lovers, hope you are having a good start to the official Winter season. I reached into the past for my inspiration today way back to when I was around 10-12 and bought my very first sweater with my own money I had saved from a Sears Winter catalog. I know glamorous right? Not really but I loved the sweater. It was white with pastel pink and purple and blue with Christmas patterns on it. I kept it forever and when I was an older teenager I actually made mittens out of it :P I don't have them anymore sadly but I certainly got life out of that sweater.

So today I re created as close to it as I could through nail art. I used the piCture pOlishes featured in the photos as well as Butter London Stardust for a hint of glimmer and Sally Hansen White on for stamping and for the white base.

Hope you guys enjoy this nail art it has filled me with much nostalgia for holiday seasons past and for my childhood. Thanks for stopping in today guys, hope you pop back again tomorrow for more nail art and beauty adventures :)

Jenn :)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Casual cute

Super Canadian Tim Hortons Nail Art

Heyo Lacquer lovers! Happy first official day of winter or Happy Winter Solstice whatever you reffer to it as! Again it's later than my posts normally are but it's just a few days until Christmas so just like in almost everyones lives things are cray cray!

So last night I was using one of the gift cards I got for Christmas to Tim Hortons and I got a Holiday cup. Now I always love Tim Hortons Holiday cups but this years are my favorite. I love the Christmas sweater patterns which most of you will probably know as I've done a few nail arts with sweater patterns already this winter season.

So to recreate this cup I used Essie Sand Tropez as a base which I then stamped a knit like pattern over in Copper Penny by Revlon. I then used Sally Hansen White on to stamp the other sweater accents on the tops and tips of the nails. The last step was to hand paint the Tim Hortons name onto the nails for this I used Sally Hansen white on as well and a super super fine liner brush.

Here are the tools I used.

Hope you all enjoy my nail art today. I wanted to express my Canadian love and Tims is definitely a Canadian icon (I know Burger King pretty much owns it now but yea). Thanks for stopping by today guys, hope to see you again tomorrow! Happy Holidays!

Jenn :)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Pink and Purple Stamped Nail Art

Evening Lacquer Lovers :) It's been a long few days so my post is a little late today but the days have been hectic recently so I'm just glad I got to do a nail art and post it today ;)

So all I've done today is painted a base coat of Secret Story by Essie which I then used a Pueen stamping plate with a pretty heart pattern to stamp over with Color club Eternal Beauty. Everyone probably already knows that Color Club Holo polishes are some of my favorites to stamp with so if you don't already  have them I highly advise you to go get some..like right now :) It's pretty simple but I love it and I hope you enjoy it to!

Thanks for dropping by again today guys :) I hope to get a fashion post up later as well and to come later in the week my December favs! Much love guys and hope your Holiday whatever it may be is going well- or if you don't celebrate a holiday I just generally hope you are having a great December!!

See you later guys! Much love

Jenn :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Candy Cane Nail Stamping

Good evening lacquer lovers :) I'm terribly late posting today  but we had some  thrown of plans today so things are a little out of whack but here  we are none the less.

Very simply today I  have used OPI Magazine Cover Mouse as a  base color and then stamped candy cane images  from a Moyou London stamping plate. I then applied a quick dry top coat and viola a beautiful and easy holiday nail art :) sorry for such a short post today I hope to see you tomorrow for me nail art adventures!!

Jenn :)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

My dream Christmas Outfit

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly Citrus nail art

Afternoon lacquer lovers! Totally out of the Winter vibe today and wanted to go full on Summer to break up the endless stream of darker colors and Christmas Nail art. I got this awesome Ruby Wing polish Electric Firefly about half a year ago actually. It's from their festival paint collection which is all together awesome. This polish is UV reactive but these photos were taken at night time so unfortunately this time I didn't get to exhibit the change I just really wanted to take advantage of the BRIGHT yellow that it provides. This polish will however change color to Orange when in the presence of UV light.

All I did for this nail art was paint my nails white with Sally Hansen white on to emphasize the Neon goodness of Electric Firefly which I then applied after the white was dry. Then all I did was use my top coat to apply the citrus Fimo bits and top coat away :)

Hope you enjoy this super summery nail art today guys :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will pop back again tomorrow for more nail art adventures :)

Jenn :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

piCture pOlish Violet Femme, and Nubar Violet Sparkle

Morning lacquer lovers I hope you are well! I felt really purple today so I went to a couple of my favorite purple shades :) For my super simple glitter nail art today I used Violet Femme by piCture pOlish, and Violet Sparkle by Nubar. The colors match perfectly so I thought it would be the best possible combo and I personally think it goes wonderfully. I hope you think so to!

I have included in the photos one photo that just features Violet Femme as I think it is a lovely purple polish that everyone should have. Mine is glossy because I have a top coat on it, but it actually dries with a slight matte look if you don't top coat it. It really is Glorious.

Hope you enjoy this pairing today guys, can't wait for you to come back tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by :)


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Candy Cane Christmas Colors Nail Art

Afternoon my awesome fellow Lacquer lovers. I hope you are having a pleasant day and week. Today my nail art is still going in the Christmas direction as I have clearly used quite identifiable Christmas Colors to create this candy stripe look.

The colors I have used for this nail art are Butter London Knees up, piCture pOlish Jealousy ( both are pictured here) and a kiss nail art paint in white for the fine white lines. All I did was paint the nails with two thin coats of Butter London Knees up which I allowed to dry before free-handing the stripes of piCture pOlish Jealousy which I then outlined with the white nail art paint. I made sure to allow it to dry completely before applying a top coat so that the white did not drag over the other colors, this is very important or it will end up looking all streaky and bleh.

Hope you enjoy this nail art today guys, I think it's one of my favorite holiday nail arts so far :) Hope you come back tomorrow to check out what I have in store then!

Thanks for dropping by :)

Monday, 15 December 2014

OPI Bearest of them All

Heyo Lacquer Lovers! Sheesh I'm posting a lot later than normal today but I had to take my mom to the neighboring town so it is what it is :)

So last night was my company Christmas party and I guess my boss who was my secret Santa has me figured out because she got me OPI Bearest of Them All a limited edition Coca Cola polish that came with an adorable little plushy Coca Cola Polar Bear. I had been eyeing this polish myself for months so I was ecstatic to not only get a polish, but to get one I had wanted for myself, but had not had the budget for recently.

I first painted my nails with Color Club Heavenly, and added a thin layer of Orly Pixie Powder. When that was totally dry I then applied one to two coats in a stippling motion when necessary to place glitter flecks of Bearest of Them All. I absolutely love this. It's easily one of my favorite die cut glitter polishes now as it is simply ADORABLE.

Hope you like this combo today guys, don't be shy, post a comment with your thoughts or opinions bellow! Hope you are having a good Holiday Season! See you next time!

Jenn :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

piCture pOlish and OPI for another day of festive glitter

Heyo lacquer lovers!  Here we are again today with some simple polish and glitter. I love glitter it is one of my favorite things so no surprise I don't own a shortage of it :P.

So for my nails today I started off with piCture pOlish Shocked, it's a pretty scatter holo pink, super glittery but dries smooth with no texture which also makes it easy to remove if you use it on it's own. I however have added two more glitters on top of it :) I added one thin layer each of OPI Minnie Style, and OPI In True Stefani Fashion. I then top coated and voila, just some awesome pink glitter nails. I hope to get into some more complex nail art over the beginning of the week when I have some time off from work but for now I have been pretty content with just a glitter blasting my nails.

Hope you guys like it, and hope to see you back tomorrow :) Happy Holidays guys!

Much love

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Keeping it Simple with nothing bug GLITTER!

Hey lacquer lovers. So you probably know me a little by now, and you know my affinity for glitter. My nails today are just that, plain, simple, gorgeous glitter. A little fact that you might not know about me yet is that when my life is simple, my nail art is complicated and the opposite is also true.
As it is the holiday season, and there are just a billion and one things going on life is anything but simple for anyone, myself included.

So I hope you enjoy this glitter combo. It is simply two thin coats of L'Oreal Too dimensional? and then layered over with one thing coat of Butter London Stardust. It is very simple, anyone can sport this look and look absolutely fab. Hope you are having a good December you guys!

Much Love
P-Bubbs :)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Black and Silver Color Block Nail Art

Hey lacquer lovers, not feeling the best today so here is the nail art on tap this morning. Colors used are Essie Licorice, and Ruby Wing Groupie. I just painted them with Licorice, taped it off when it was dry and painted in the taped off bits with Groupie and then applied a top coat.

Hope you guys like them, sorry for such a short post today, See you next time


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Simple Holiday Glitter Gradient nail art

Hey there lacquer lovers. Bringing you a simple nail art in the holiday spirit today. I have been doing a lot of complex designs lately and it made me want a simple Mani today.   This simple glitter gradient nail art is inspired by my favorite Holiday Barbie from my childhood.  I have used three colors O'Hara by piCture pOlish, My Voice is a little Norse by OPI, and Zoya Cosmo.

First I painted the nails in O'Hara a gorgeous red scatter holo.  When that was dry I brushed my voice is a little Norse and Cosmo onto the tips of the nails using a fan brush. I then applied  quick dry top coat :)

Thank you for checking out this simple  elegant nail art today guys! Please remember to subscribe!

P-Bubbs :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pony Nail Art 2 - Applejack

Afternoon Lacquer Lovers! So continuing on with my inter-spliced Pony themed nail art series Today I randomly chose Applejack as my theme Pony.

So when I think of Applejack it's not just her I think of, but to keep it simple I chose AJ's cutie mark, her doggie Winona, and a tree top landscape over a few nails of Sweet Apple Acres.

The colors I used for this nail art as L'Oreal Goldilocks, Color Club Mamba, L'Oreal New Money, Ruby Wing Green Peace, L'Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight, Sally Hansen White On, and Essie Mochacino. For detailing I also used my kiss nail art paints in Black and White. Of course I also used a good quick dry top coat to seal it all in :)

So that's all for my nail art today guys!  Hope you enjoyed it, I know I really like this one, I just feel it really captures Applejack which is awesome in my opinion :)

Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

Jenn (P-Bubbs)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Snowman Nail Art

Morning Lacquer Lovers! So I haven't been keeping up with this December/ Christmas Nail Art challenge that has been going on, but I have been taking inspiration from the daily prompts that the challenge uses. I didn't take part because I have so many nail art ideas right now that I didn't want to tie myself down to one particular challenge in case alternate inspiration struck me etc. anyway on to my nail art for today.

So today I have brought you Snowman nail art, little Snow buddies on a field of snow against a dry brushed/ freehand stroke background.

I started off with two coats of L'Oreal Greycian Goddess which is a medium dark creme grey polish. I then went in and used a fan brush to dry brush on a coat of Essie Bikini So Teeny. I then used a very thin nail art brush to make individual strokes across the nails with Essie Boxer Shorts, and L'Oreal  not a cloud in sight. I then allowed this to dry.

Next for this nail art I used Sally Hansen white on to paint the snow on the ground and the form for the snowman. I then outlined the snowman and detailed him with Kiss nail art paint in black and outlined the snow with Kiss nail art paint in silver. The final step before top coating was to add the scarf detail which was painted in L'Oreal new money.

That's all for today guys, hope you dig my cute little snow men, and hope you stop back tomorrow for more nail art :) 

On a side note I have also started doing fashion and beauty posts so please remember to check back regularly or subscribe to stay in the loop with new posts!

See you next time guys!

Jenn (P-Bubbs)