Monday, 24 November 2014

Happy Birthday Mom nail art :)

Hey there lacquer lovers, hope you're all well today. Most of you won't know this but today is my Mothers Birthday so I decided I would do a nail art based around it being her Birthday yay!

So Mom likes shiny things so the colors and accents I chose reflected that, I chose pink because I haven't used pink a lot lately and wanted to switch up my colors plus I thought it popped really well against the silver holo.

So First of all for the base of this nail art I used one of my most frequently reached for polishes Color Club harp on it. It is a fantastic Silver holo, and if you do not currently have it in your collection, I advise you to get it right now because it is all kinds of amazing.

Next I used a MoYou London stamping plate to stamp a present design onto my thumb and ring fingers. For this stamp I used piCture pOlish Focus which is a nice deep magenta type pink that actually stamps really well!

I then painted my pinkie fingers with a non quick dry top coat and affixed the pink rhinestone embellishments in no particular order or pattern just filling up the space because Mom loves sparkly things :P I then did the same process on the index finger but using heart shaped glitter pieces to fill out the space on the nail in a linear pattern.

The only other step was to top coat the nails. For this particular nail art I really focused on top coating the embellished nails to make sure they were securely in place, and bam, we're all done :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my nail art today! Happy Birthday Mom!! Hope to see you all back here again tomorrow!! Don't forget to subscribe :)


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