Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pop Art Comic Book Nail art

Morning fellow lacquer lovers! I hope you are doing fabulously today, I am doing quite fabulous because on an unrelated, yet semi related matter as I will probably post it here my first ever memebox has arrived and is hanging out at the post office AT THIS VERY MOMENT, awaiting me to pick it up and bring it home and love it. *squee*

Anyway back to my nail art of the day *drum roll* Pop art Comic inspired nail art!! I love Pop art, and I love comic books AND I love nail art (obvs) so what could be better than a combo of all of those things?

So for colors on this nail art I obviously kept it very simple and primary focusing on vibrant red (Color Club Mamba), yellow (China Glaze Sun Worshiper) and blue (Essie Butler Please) with a base color of Sally Hansen White On. As you hear me mention a lot as well I used kiss nail art paint pots to because their tiny little brushes are perfect for outlining and printing on your nails.

So first I painted all the nails white, using two coats for complete coverage. When that was dry I went in with my black and drew in the speech bubble, and action word areas. I then used a fine dotting tool to fill in the backgrounds with dots of the different primary colors and lined the insides of the action areas with the different colors as well.

All that was left for this nail art after that was to allow it to dry completely and top coat!! I'm out of my fav quick dry top coat so I had to be extra careful not to smoosh them while they dried which for me is a task people so good job me haha (and thanks to my bf taking turns playing GTA V on PS4 with me while they dried to keep my hands out of smooshy trouble <3)

Anyway guys that's it for today!! Thanks so much for stopping by again I'm off to the post office! See you again tomorrow I hope, and don't forget you can subscribe to stay up to date with all my nail art posts!

P-Bubbs :)

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