Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cute Easter Outfit

 Just got done making this adorable Easter inspired outfit on Polyvore. If you aren't already familiar with Polyvore you should check it out. You can use templates and make tons of awesome outfits from the clothing and accessory items available there. It's a really great way to have fun, and get a handle on your fashion sense. Any Bobs Burgers fans in the house? :P Notice the use of Louise's bunny ears!

 Polyvore home page

Link to outfit on Polyvore / my Polyvore sets page

Cracked Neon Nails Tutorial

Hey all, so I did this mani a month or so back and it was really well received, so I figured I would do a tutorial on the products, and method I used to achieve this particular look. Here goes!

 First I applied Revlon Top Speed Fast dry nail enamel in spirit to the whole nail bed. I applied two coats to each nail to make sure there was nice even coverage for a base. Please excuse the mess around the cuticles, it will be there until I clean up :P

For my neon look the colors I used for this particular mani are Wet N Wild Glowstick by Fergie, China Glaze Sun worshiper, Revlon Optimistic, and Essie Where's my chauffeur. I painted each color into a four space grid on each nail. Don't worry if it's a little messy you won't be able to tell, just do your best to not overlap colors too much and cover up all the whiteness underneath.  You can apply more than one coat if you have a particularly low pigment polish for this mani.

The next step I take is to use Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Ink Splatter pictured above and paint a thin to medium layer over the entire nail bed and allow to crackle. Make sure to shake the bottle well, and not paint too thick a layer so that the crackle formula works to it's best potential.

Then all you have to do is use an appropriately sized manicure clean up brush and clean around the cuticles and anywhere you may have gotten excess polish, and apply a top coat. I used my favorite top coat pictured above Seche Vite. I recently purchased this top coat in a nail art set which I will also be reviewing later today or tomorrow. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and give it a try. You don't have to use these polishes in particular it would look equally amazing with almost any bright color so give it a go, I'm sure it will turn out great! Thanks for popping by!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Watermelon Nails

Hey guys, so I purchased a new Essie polish called Miami Nice, and to me it screamed WATERMELON NAILS! So naturally I listened to the polish and decided to go with that. Here are the results and a walk through of what I did to achieve them :)
I love this product Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle. I purchased it because  few days ago I cut my middle nail (luckily not my finger!) with a chefs knife while making yummy stew. I have only been using it for a few days and already I see results with the growth, so I make a habit now to use it with every manicure. I put a drop on each nail and rub it into the nail and nail bed until completely absorbed.

These are the top/ base coats I am going to be using. The right most is my base coat by Revlon, which I will now apply one coat to each nail. It is quick dry so it takes a negligible amount of time to dry. About as long as it takes to paint all your nails and then recap the polish :P  The topcoats are a Multi care base and top coat by Revlon, and Nutra Nail speed dry topcoat which is an excellent top coat as well. Quick dry top coats are a must for me because I do so much with my hands.

I will be using these three polishes. Miami Nice by Essie, Green with Envy by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, and Black Out by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

I will also be using this leaf green striping tape.

First I apply two to three coats of Essie Miami Nice to my whole nail bed and allow to dry completely.

Next with an appropriately sized nail art brush, or tooth pick they work just as well in a pinch. I used Black Out by Sally Hansen to paint a seed pattern on the top 2/3rds portion of my nails on both hands.  I would usually photograph both hands and make a composite, but as I mentioned earlier my middle nail on the other hand got jacked up cooking so I didn't want to photograph an uneven mani :)

Next I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green with Envy and paint the lower 1/3rd portion of the nail. You can feel free to use tape to guide you I free handed it this time and it turned out well. With this particular polish it is highly pigmented so I only needed one coat. If you use a different polish you may need to adjust the amount of coats based on it's pigmentation/ coverage.

And Lastly I applied the green striping tape at the top of the green portion dividing it and the pink portion. I then apply two coats of Nutra Nail quick dry top coat and allow to dry. I love the way it turned out, and I hope that you will give it a go, and enjoy it just as much! Thanks for reading guys!

Ba ba ba ba! Welcome!

Hello everyone. If you are reading this, you have stumbled across my brand new blog. It's in the works and I hope that it turns out well. There will be many things here over time such as nail art, nail art tutorials, hair and hair tutorials, video game, tv, and movie reviews and probably the occasional rant about one thing or another. I promise if you stick around you will have a good time, and a laugh or two so stay tuned, things could get interesting! :)