Sunday, 9 November 2014

Orly Angel Rain and Zoya Vega

Hello guys. I swear the weather here thinks it's  spring not fall because two out of three days lately have been Gloomy and rainy. I sincerely hope that the weather is nice where you are :).

Anyway on to today's nails.. It's a pretty simple nail day today. I really just wanted to showcase these lovely colors and was rather inspired by Frozen hence the color choices :p

The polishes I have used here are Zoya Vega and Orly Angel Rain. Vega is a magical Pixie and Angel Rain  is part of the surreal collection by Orly.

I  hope you have enjoyed my post today guys!  Even though today's nails are simple I find simple nails sometimes the most elegant when working with certain colors. I have today off so there will be some more detailed nail art up tomorrow thanks to my free time today :)

Thanks for stopping by guys I love it when you visit and I get to share my nail art with you :) See you again tomorrow and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss a post :)

Much love guys
P-Bubbs :)

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