Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Sweater nails

Welcome lacquer lovers, I hope you are having a wonderful morning or whatever time of day it might be where you are :)

The weather here is turning cold super fast, but hey that's Canada at this time of year for you. Therefore in the spirit of winter weather I decided to do  my first winter Sweater themed nails of the season.

The colors I chose for this Mani are L'Oréal greycian goddess, Sally Hansen white on, Ruby Wing Rose, and OPI Girls Love Ponies. To achieve the details I used a very fine tipped brush and the white Color to replicate the sweater pattern.

This is just the first version of comfy/ugly sweater manis that will pop up occasionally on here throughout the winter season.  Hope you like it everyone!

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P-Bubbs :)

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