Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cat nail art version 2.0

Hey again laquer lovers :) I had so much fun doing my super cute cat nail art the first time, that I wanted to revisit it again featuring another of my cats (don't be surprised if next week I do another one of my cats because I feel bad about turning the other two into nail art and not him) .

So basically all I did was paint each nail a different color, and then dot each nail with another of the different colors I had used for the base colors to create a funky multicolor background. I chose soft colors that I felt were still bold so that the kitty wouldn't get too lost in the background :)

Then all I did was free hand the cat body/ head/ tail onto the nails until it looked about right to the eye and colored in his black furry bits and outlined/ gave eyes :) It's a great cartoon likeness to my furry little buddy :P Of course all I did then was top coat and allow to dry completely.

I really hope you guys like this nail art. I love having kitty nails, probably because I love cats....but yea anyway it's cute and they make me smile, I hope they make you smile to!

Thanks for stopping by today guys :) I hope to see you back here tomorrow!! Don't forget if you would like to stay in the loop with my nail art to subscribe!

See you next time guys!
P-Bubbs :)
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