Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Today we attempt advanced stamping....It went pretty well.

Hey guys, I know advanced stamping has been around for a while now but I was a little intimidated to try it but lastnight I threw caution to the wind and said what the heck lets go for it, I think the results came out rather nicely if I do say so myself :P.

To start off I painted my nails with a base coat of Color Club Angel Kiss which is a light blue holo. I then used Essie Licorice for the main stamp outline and colored it in with Angel Kiss, Do you have this color in Stockholm, and Girls love Ponies both by OPI.

I then allowed a quick dry top coat to dry completely on my nails and allowed the image on the stamp to dry about 90% and then carefully rolled the image onto the nail. I had to use a little pressure and go slowly to make sure the image was transferring correctly and not ripping..

I feel the results especially for my first attempt came out quite well. I would suggest giving this a go if you haven't already :P It is a bit of a lengthy process but that is of no matter to me as I love doing my nails to be a process :P

Of course the last thing I did was clean up around the cuticle and paint on my favorite quick dry top coat to seal the deal :)

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