Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Ornament inspired nail art v 1.0

Afternoon Lacquer Lovers, I woke up late again (hurray) but that's what happens when you stay up all hours of the night with your boyfriend taking turns playing GTA V and being disappointed when you realize that there IS NO NEW EPISODE of American Horror Story Freak Show this week...sigh...OK back on track, nail art.

I love Christmas decorations, and with all the stuff going on in life this year that seems to take the holiday spirit out of me I figured I should start on some more Christmasy nail art to help get me in the spirit.

Like a lot of other women I really enjoy the esthetic of a Tiffany/ Robins Egg Blue so I thought that could be the color that I would go for this time since it isn't quite December yet I figured I'd start out with a color that wasn't directly associated with Christmas like Red or Green or both.

I've included the Christmas Ball photograph that this nail art was inspired by for a reference guide for you should you care to see the source material :)

So I started out this nail art with base coating my nails to avoid staining to my nail beds. When that was dry I applied three thin coats of Color Club Blue-Ming which I allowed to fully dry.  I then went in and added the silver details (strips in the middle of pinkie and middle fingers, crosshatching on index finger, and dots under embellishments on ring finger).

When the Silver accents were dry I applied a medium thick coat of a non quick dry top coat I had Sally Hansen available but whatever you have is fine as long as it doesn't dry super fast. I then applied the rhinestone and hand placed glitter embellishments giving each a slight press to make sure they were affixed into the polish but not so much as to smoosh the under layers.

Then all I did to finish up this nail art was clean up around the cuticle areas and top coat!

That's it for my nail art today guys! Hope you enjoyed it and that you will stop back in again tomorrow for more! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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See you all tomorrow!!
P-Bubbs :)