Saturday, 29 November 2014

Super Kawaii 3D nail art

Hello fellow Lacquer Lovers guess what it's actually Sunny here today!! :O Sure it's cold as ice but hey it's Canada and it's fast approaching Winter so I'm not expecting warm temperatures :P

I've always been aware of the super Kawaii Japanese nail art popular in one of my favorite Countries Japan but have never really done anything to even in the least emulate it but today I was all you know what, I think I'll give this a try! So on to my nail art for today :)

As always I applied a base coat to the nails and when it was dry I began by doing two thin coats of Orly Pink Waterfall which is an awesome Pepto Pink from the Surreal collection by Orly. I allowed this to dry and then stamped a pretty swirly pattern on to all the nails using Color Club Pucci-Licious which is a vibrant mid bright Purple. Again I allowed this to dry completely.

My next step for this nail art was to of course give the nails some sparkle! For this I gave each nail a thin coat of Ruby Wing Rose which is a light Pink with lots of glitter and smells like Roses (yay :D).

I then allowed this to dry about ninety percent of the way and applied a thin coat of non quick dry base coat and began to affix the cabochons and embellishments gently pressing them into place.

All that was left for this nail art was to top coat and allow to dry completely. While I love how this nail art turned out and I think it is super pretty it would not be practical for me in everyday life. I'm a gamer and I use my hands a lot and for me personally the Rose cabochons would get all kinds of in my way and probably just fall off, so this would be a look I would probably only sport on a special occasion for practicality.

Anyway guys that's it for my nail art today, Hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think in the comments and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by ! :)

See you next time lacquer lovers!


  1. Very pretty, but as you said, not very practical for every day life. You are so talented. :)

    1. Thank you and yes not too good for when you need to get your hands into tight spaces :P