Tuesday, 23 December 2014

OPI Over and Over a Gwen swatch and review

Evening lacquer lovers! So today I was feeling festive but also vintage, and my favorite period of time from the past is the 40's -60's that classy pin up, victory rolls, housewives period of time that I frankly love and can't get enough of. When I think of this time I think of bright cherry red nails and lips which is perfectly in line with the Holiday season and goes very well with my pale bordering on glow in the dark skin :).

Today I don't have nail art for you so much as a swatch of one of my favorite vintage and festive reds. This color is OPI Over and Over a Gwen. It's been out for a while now and I've used it in a few of my previous nail arts but I really wanted to feature it today because I think it's so beautiful. This luscious cream cherry read applies very smooth and requires two to three coats for complete coverage. Since it is such a highly pigmented and bright red be sure to use a base coat first to avoid staining to your nail beds which will occur with just about any bright color. This polish dries glossy although I do have a top coat applied on top of it in these photos for extra shine and protection.

I've used this polish a number of times and it doesn't seem to chip overly easily. I'm a gamer and beauty enthusiast so I use my hands a lot and my nails get bumped around and tapped on keys etc and they still look fabulous after almost an entire day of wear.

All in all if you are looking for a good in your face red to make you feel beautiful and bold I definitely recommend this one. It retails for around $20.00 Canadian and comes in it's own box with some nail embellishments that you can use for various different nail art possibilities.

Anyway guys the Holidays are sneaking up on us fast so thanks for taking the time to pop by today :) Hope your Holiday is fantastic, and wherever you may be or whatever your traditions are I wish you nothing but happiness :)

Much Love
Jenn (P-Bubbs) :)

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