Saturday, 13 December 2014

Keeping it Simple with nothing bug GLITTER!

Hey lacquer lovers. So you probably know me a little by now, and you know my affinity for glitter. My nails today are just that, plain, simple, gorgeous glitter. A little fact that you might not know about me yet is that when my life is simple, my nail art is complicated and the opposite is also true.
As it is the holiday season, and there are just a billion and one things going on life is anything but simple for anyone, myself included.

So I hope you enjoy this glitter combo. It is simply two thin coats of L'Oreal Too dimensional? and then layered over with one thing coat of Butter London Stardust. It is very simple, anyone can sport this look and look absolutely fab. Hope you are having a good December you guys!

Much Love
P-Bubbs :)