Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ruby Wing Electric Firefly Citrus nail art

Afternoon lacquer lovers! Totally out of the Winter vibe today and wanted to go full on Summer to break up the endless stream of darker colors and Christmas Nail art. I got this awesome Ruby Wing polish Electric Firefly about half a year ago actually. It's from their festival paint collection which is all together awesome. This polish is UV reactive but these photos were taken at night time so unfortunately this time I didn't get to exhibit the change I just really wanted to take advantage of the BRIGHT yellow that it provides. This polish will however change color to Orange when in the presence of UV light.

All I did for this nail art was paint my nails white with Sally Hansen white on to emphasize the Neon goodness of Electric Firefly which I then applied after the white was dry. Then all I did was use my top coat to apply the citrus Fimo bits and top coat away :)

Hope you enjoy this super summery nail art today guys :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will pop back again tomorrow for more nail art adventures :)

Jenn :)

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