Saturday, 20 December 2014

Pink and Purple Stamped Nail Art

Evening Lacquer Lovers :) It's been a long few days so my post is a little late today but the days have been hectic recently so I'm just glad I got to do a nail art and post it today ;)

So all I've done today is painted a base coat of Secret Story by Essie which I then used a Pueen stamping plate with a pretty heart pattern to stamp over with Color club Eternal Beauty. Everyone probably already knows that Color Club Holo polishes are some of my favorites to stamp with so if you don't already  have them I highly advise you to go get right now :) It's pretty simple but I love it and I hope you enjoy it to!

Thanks for dropping by again today guys :) I hope to get a fashion post up later as well and to come later in the week my December favs! Much love guys and hope your Holiday whatever it may be is going well- or if you don't celebrate a holiday I just generally hope you are having a great December!!

See you later guys! Much love

Jenn :)

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