Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pony Nail Art 2 - Applejack

Afternoon Lacquer Lovers! So continuing on with my inter-spliced Pony themed nail art series Today I randomly chose Applejack as my theme Pony.

So when I think of Applejack it's not just her I think of, but to keep it simple I chose AJ's cutie mark, her doggie Winona, and a tree top landscape over a few nails of Sweet Apple Acres.

The colors I used for this nail art as L'Oreal Goldilocks, Color Club Mamba, L'Oreal New Money, Ruby Wing Green Peace, L'Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight, Sally Hansen White On, and Essie Mochacino. For detailing I also used my kiss nail art paints in Black and White. Of course I also used a good quick dry top coat to seal it all in :)

So that's all for my nail art today guys!  Hope you enjoyed it, I know I really like this one, I just feel it really captures Applejack which is awesome in my opinion :)

Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

Jenn (P-Bubbs)

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