Friday, 24 October 2014

piCture pOlish Solar Flare Swatch

Morning all. In this succession of exceedingly gloomy days in my neck of the woods I just felt like doing something simple and awesome so I thought HEY! I'll swatch piCture pOlishes super awesome polish Solar Flare! I love love love this color, but honestly I love all of piCture pOlishes limited edition space themed colors. I purchased all but two of them I think (fracking budget constrictions :S). Solar Flare is a color shifting scatter holo which changes from a golden brown-orange to a more burgundy color dependent upon lighting. Here I used artificial light provided by my flash to illustrate this change. As with my experience with other piCture pOlishes this formula is amazing, so smooth and fluid that it's a dream to paint onto your nails.
The polishes from this particular collection show up best when painted over a black base, which I have done here. I painted my nails first with two thin coats of Essie Licorice to create my black canvas and then applied two thin coats of Solar Flare. I allowed the coats to dry completely before applying the next etc and when fully dry I applied my favorite quick dry top coat :)
If you haven't already looked into this collection I would strongly recommend it, especially if you like spacey stuff like galaxies etc. They really are all beautiful shades and I will have more swatched for you asap between other nail arts.

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