Saturday, 4 October 2014

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Halloween collection - Swatches and review

Morning all :) So I am super excited  to have the China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Halloween collection up and swatched for you today. The China Glaze  Halloween collections are always very near and dear to my heart as for the past four years I have made somewhat of a tradition of purchasing them and I have yet to be disappointed. Let's start the swatching shall we? Enjoy :)

A photo of the collection as it arrived in its Halloween packaging :) 

I love your guts is a textured polish that is largely pinish red shade flecked throughout with tons of tiny black speckles which create texture and give the appearance of dried guts on your nails. As a Halloween/ Zombie apocalypse Movie/ TV show kind of girl I love this, it's awesome and eerie and dries to a super matte textured finish.

Don't let the dead bite is a creamy nude/ flesh toned polish packed full of red and pinkish glitters of all sorts. I have used two coats here for optimal coverage but one coat looks really cool as well. This polish dries smooth, applies well and reminds me of blood trickles and trails as if one were to be bitten by a zombie! Muahaha!

But of corpse is essentially the same as I Love Your Guts, except it's this awesome shade of green and instead of looking like, well..dried looks like the color of a rotten zombie teetering around looking for brains and the like. As with I Love Your Guts this polish dries Matte with a textured feel and is awesome. 

Getting to Gnaw You is another textured polish in the collection which is a black polish with a ton of little orange glitters throughout. Unlike But of Corpse, and I Love Your Guts, this polish does not dry matte and is instead rather shiny because of all the glitter. Very monstrous and beautiful. 

The last two swatches I have are both of Rest in Pieces which as you can see is a clear base with orange and black glitter pieces in an array of shapes and sizes. The photo above is Rest is Pieces swatched alone on the nail, and the photo below is Rest in Pieces swatched over But of Corpse for an example of how it looks on top of another color. It would really have gone excellently with most of the colors in the collection. I just wanted to wear But of Corpse :P

I did also throw in a picture of the bottle of Ghoulish Glow so that you can see how much it does glow. This is the third bottle of Ghoulish Glow that I own and I absolutely love it. I was going to try to swatch it, but I decided against it in favor of incorporating it into a mani and taking a short video to show you how it glows. I will have that video up as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next few days.

All in all I was not disappointed in the least with this collection. China Glaze always does such an amazing job on their Halloween collections that I look forward to them every year. The formulas for these polishes go on amazingly- although as with some textured polishes the coats have to be very dry before you apply another coat so you don't drag any of the previous coat off the nail. The coverage and pigmentation of the overall collection was great as well - two thin coats was the max I needed for complete nail coverage with any of the polishes in the collection. 

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  1. I especially love all of the names they came up with!

  2. I know right? So clever and ghoulish.

  3. Holy cow!!!!!I love this set and the colors! I must have!!!!!!

    1. That's awesome! I hope you get them and enjoy them as much as I do!