Thursday, 23 October 2014

Zoya Lux and Essie Secret Story

Hey guys :) So today I decided to go full on Barbie with my manicure and pink it up glitter style haha. Here I have used Essie Secret Story on the majority of my nails with Zoya Lux which is a Pixie Dust polish on my accent nails. Both polishes apply great however naturally the pixie dust is thicker to apply as it is a pixie dust/ textured polish and that is really to be expected. The polish isn't clumpy or awkward to apply because it is thicker though it juts coats your nails in wonderous glitter in two small coats which also happen to dry pretty darn fast. Overall I love both of these polishes and their formulas. There were no issues with clumping or streaking at all and I love the resulting manicure! I hope you have enjoyed it as well! Thanks for stopping by guys I always appreciate it when you do. Don't forget to subscribe!

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