Sunday, 26 October 2014

Zoya Cosmo Swatch and Review

Hey guys, today I have a swatch and review of Zoya Cosmo for you. Cosmo is one of the magical pixie polishes brought to us by the amazing brand Zoya. I absolutely love the magical pixie trio I picked up which contains Lux, Cosmo, and Vega.
These magical pixies only require two coats for full coverage and catch the light like like diamonds. As this is a textured polish the formula is a bit thicker, but not clumpy and applies evenly and easily. Cosmo is not meant to be a fast dry polish but the magical pixies being textured polishes of  a thicker consistency do seem to dry a little quicker than your typical nail polish which for me is great because I tend to very easy smudge my manicures by jumping into a video game too soon :P
I have had this polish on for half a day now and have used my hands heavily for PC gaming and work and I have not had a single chip. Cosmo is super durable and stays looking fantastic even when put to the test by someone with active hands like me :)
I hope you enjoyed this post guys, I certainly love this polish and like talking to you all about my polish adventures :) Don't forget to subscribe if you like my content guys, it really helps me out. See you later! <3

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