Wednesday, 8 October 2014

China Glaze Halloween Ghoulish Glow mani !

Hey all :) So I promised I would incorporate China Glaze Ghoulish Glow into a Mani and show you how well it glows in the dark and here I am fulfilling that promise :) I painted my nails with a gaming theme and used four coats of Ghoulish Glow as a top coat.  You do not need to use that many coats in any regard, however I wanted to make sure the glow would photograph well so I gave it an extra coat or two. Here are the pics :)

As you can see in the photos on the right hand side I used more Ghoulish Glow than I necessarily needed to -which caused my design to not be very visible in the glow photograph, but that's ok because what I wanted to illustrate was the glow effect of this awesome polish. Now you might be wondering if you need to do anything special to make it glow in every day life and the answer would be not really. I don't stand around with my hands under a lamp all day but whenever I enter a low lit or dark area my nails glow like Fire Flies and its wonderful :) Personally I purchased my bottle of Ghoulish Glow from Nail Polish Canada but you can purchase it wherever China Glaze Nail Laquer is sold. My only advice for using this polish would be to shake the bottle really well between the application of coats to make sure the glow particles are well distributed for an even glowing effect :)

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  1. omg!!! I guess they do glow :) so only the top coat is glowing polish? and do you find if you put on as many as 4 coats that your polish smudges VERY easily as I keep having this problem when I apply about 4 layers of any polish? Thanks for taking the time to do and show us this!

    1. Yes, only the topcoat is glow polish it applies relatively clear, but of course since there are glow particles it is a bit cloudy like a matte topcoat. It will smudge if you don't have enough dry time. If I am doing something intricate/ that needs a lot of coats I usually apply drying drop, or a quick dry topcoat every now and again so that things dry and set and I can move on without them smudging. I let each coat dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next coat etc. I don't find that I have trouble with this glow top coat smudging, it dries pretty quickly, and the coats are relatively thin so it wasn't an issue for me in this mani personally. It's basically all about the dry time though and trying not to use your hands too much while they are drying. Hope that helps! :)