Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas wrapping paper inspired nail lart

Hey lacquer lovers! Feeling a lot better today rest wise than yesterday but then again it is my day off and I actually got to catch up on my sleep that I was deprived of yesterday. ANYWAY moving on to my nail art today :)

So things got a little wrapping paper inspired today and it was all based around this lovely blue color by L'Oreal called jet set to Paris which is a lovely cream blue. I then added some sparkle with another L'Oreal polish called The True Gold, which is a gold glitter top coat from "The magic top coats" collection from L'Oreal. My favorite wrapping papers have shimmer or some sort of light reflecting attributes plus you might just know by now how much I love glitter in general so ....yea...I had to glitter it up at least a little.

When those colors were dry I then went in with my MoYou festive collection stamping plate 03 and used a snowflake and line/ dot image to place diagonally on each of the nails. The only thing I did to finish up this nail art was to top coat and then quite honestly I almost directly went to bed. I can't believe I ran a whole day from 4:30 am to  1:30 am on two hours of sleep..ugh haha.

Anyway guys thanks so much for stopping by today, it's always lovely to see you. Hope to see you again tomorrow my lacquer lovers!

Happy December!

P-Bubbs :)

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