Sunday, 17 May 2015

Born Pretty Store kawaii stamping plate review!!

Hey lacquer lovers!!! I missed writing to you, I'm so sorry it's been a while I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row in this big crazy thing called life so my blogging had taken a back burner for a few weeks. I am not gone however I am going to be posting as much as I can while I try to get some exciting new things going in life. So today I have a super kawaii stamping plate up for review from Born Pretty Store ! Lets get to it shall we? :)

Ok guys, so this is the stamping plate as it arrived to me through the post. As you can see all of their stamping plates have protective film just like all standard run of the mill stamping plates. The images are super cute with tiny little pandas and an anime girl!! I'm so excited :) Let's see how it stamps!

Here you can see the plate after I removed the protective film, it is in perfect condition and all of the images are properly carved. I didn't use a special stamping polish so that had no effect on the results. I simply used a standard black Sally Hansen nail polish for the stamped images so you can clearly see that this plate works well even with budget non stamping specific polishes. I also used my wonderful stamper and scraper set from Born Pretty which I reviewed here in case you are interested. Now let's see a cute nail art I made with this stamping plate!

I was in a sweet heart kind of mood so I wanted to use the pretty hearts image with some lovely pink shades. I love how this turned out. Pretty please forgive my ragged cuticles I need to pick up some cuticle oil, the change in seasons here in Nova Scotia really messes with skins moisture levels at times :P

All in all I am highly pleased with this stamping plate. I highly suggest you check out Born Pretty Store for lots of budget nail art supplies so your nails can be fabulous at a reasonable price. This particular plate retails for only $1.49!! If you are interested in purchasing this plate you can find it here . Don't forget also you guys that if you visit and purchase from Born Pretty that you can use my 10% off discount code! Enter AZEW10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order :)

Well that's all for today guys! Thanks for dropping by, look for another post tomorrow!!

Much Love

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