Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Born Pretty Store Princess themed water decals review!

Hey Lacquer Lovers!! I have another super sweet nail art and product review from Born Pretty Store.  I am particularly excited for this item because it is Princess themed! Science knows how I love Princesses and Disney so this is pretty epic in my humble opinion. On to the review!

So here we are as the product arrived through the post. There were no bends that occurred during shipping and all the images came perfectly in tact.  As you can see there are simple and easy to follow instructions on the back of the package so if you are new to water decals this should help familiarize you with how they work and assist you in perfect application :) I love that there are portraits, full body silhouettes, pattern lines, names, AND accenting images for each of the three Princesses featured (Belle, Jasmine, Ariel). I think this makes the nail arts you could use these for very varied allowing for lots of versatility so that you can have Princess nails many times over without using the same combo twice. :)

I decided to go with a Jasmine theme for the nail art I did illustrating the decals in use. As you can see the black decals cover color completely but the lighter decals will suffer visibility wise if you try to place them over a lot of color. This is to be expected but knowing it will help you plan out your nail arts without wasting decals which is always good.

If my past posts haven't illustrated exactly how much I love water decals, I will reiterate the sentiment right now, I love water decals, they allow for so much versatility and detail in manicures for people who are new to nail art, or who simply don't have the time to spend hours doing their nails. I genuinely believe everyone should have some water decals on hand if you do your nails regularly :) They are very handy.

These water decals were very easy to use, transferred to the nail well, and stayed in place perfectly. They are easy to place and easy to apply perfect for beginners and experts alike; I strongly recommend them especially for all you Princess fanatics out there like me :P

If you would like to get your hands on some of these awesome water decals they are available here for only $2.65!! Also don't forget that you can use my discount code AZEW10 for 10% off your entire order.

So what do you think guys? I love these, I know I will have Princess nails all the time now. Don't forget to check out Born Pretty Store for your nail art and beauty supply needs. There is so much stuff on there, literally everything you could need is there, and affordable!

I really appreciate you guys stopping in today and I look forward to sharing another nail art with you asap!

See you next time guys!

Much Love
Jenn :)

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