Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sassy pink animal print nail art

Hey again Lacquer Lovers!! Now that things have settled down after my Dads passing I have been able to get into nail art more again, thankfully I have such a therapeutic hobby.

So for this nail art I've used two lovely colors from the OPI Hawaii Collection called Suzi Shops & Island Hops, and Just Lanai-ing around. I also used a black nail art paint pot for lining by Kiss nails and the tan color is Essie Sand-Tropez.

So I just painted my nails with Suzi Shops & Island hops and allowed it to dry. I then painted the diagonal Sand Tropez parts onto my accent nails (Thumb and ring finger). Next I took a dotting tool and used Just Lanai-ing around to make random oval-ish dots all over the pink areas of the nails. When it was all dry I went back in with my black liner color and filled in the details to complete the look :) . I must say I'm not a HUGE animal print fan but when it's done right I do really like it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post today :) I look forward to sharing my next nail art with you soon!

Until Next Post
Much Love
Jenn :)

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