Sunday, 12 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Sailor Moon stamping plate review

Good Morning Lacquer Lovers! I certainly hope that your day is going well. I am here again today with another press sample from Born Pretty Store :) Other than the nail art brushes I received and reviewed a few days ago here this is the item I was the most excited to try out. Can you possibly guess why? Yes, you likely got it right, it's because it's a freaking Sailor Moon stamping plate. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan so yea Nail art plus Sailor Moon = Happy Jenn. Anyway here we go with the review!

Pictured above is the stamping plate as I received it. Like all stamping plates I have ever encountered it came covered in a layer of protective film and a proper backing to avoid injury and scraping.
I have also pictured the stamping plate just after I removed the protective film. As you can see even the fine lines are properly engraved. I had no issues getting this image picked up using a normal non stamping grade nail polish (also pictured above)  as it is very well carved and smooth.

There aren't a lot of qualities I ask for in a stamping plate other than it be functional and have a kick butt image to make my nails as pretty as they can be. This stamping plate performs excellently in both of those regards and it is only $1.99 from Born Pretty Stores website . Born Pretty has a wide variety of low priced stamping plates, there is something for everyone :) .

I am hugely satisfied with this stamping plate, I could not have asked for more, it is on par with the quality of my Pueen and MoYou London stamping plates for sure, and I strongly recommend it and let's take a look at why...

BAM look at those nails! I don't like to toot my own horn but holy crap are they awesome! I love the fact that this stamping plate is a continuous image like a big collage. This design allows you to pick up a large section of image and stamp onto more than one nail if you have a stamper large enough to allow that technique. The one large image aspect also allows you to pick and choose which part of the image you put on each nail while still creating a cohesive manicure.

So all in all guys I love it, and I hope that you check out Born Pretty Store for yourself and pick up some rocking nail art gear for very reasonable prices. Don't forget if you shop at Born Pretty Store you can use my discount code AZEW10 for 10% off your entire order :) Happy shopping guys!

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Much Love
Jenn :)

(for those interested the polishes used are Sally Hansen Cinna-snap and Revlon Copper Penny)


  1. I love this plate! Sailor Moon was the bomb when it use to come on.

    1. I love it to! Sailor Moon is the bomb I still watch it haha :P