Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Born Pretty store nail art product review!

Hey there lacquer lovers and Happy Wednesday! I hope all is well for you. So a little while ago I was contacted by bornprettystore.com regarding reviewing a few of their many awesome products. Naturally I agreed as I love to spread the word about affordable, quality nail art products so you can all be at the top of your nail game every day.

Before I start, if you aren't familiar with Born Pretty store I highly suggest you pop on over and take a look see at what they have to offer. They have tons of affordable beauty products and accessories to choose from at very reasonable prices. Today I will be showcasing and reviewing some nail wraps, a stamping plate, and a Born Pretty brand stamping polish from the nail art category of the site. Here we go, hope you enjoy!

Let's begin with the nail wraps that I chose. I am a complete amateur regarding nail wraps which is one of the reasons that I wanted to try and review this item. The nail wraps were well packaged and easy to remove from the sheet even with short nails which is a plus considering I have decided to go nubby for gaming reasons :P. The colors were very vibrant and the shine on these babies is real. 
The nail wraps are very easy to apply, even as a complete nail wrap amateur both hands were done in under five minutes. I was pleased with this product in general. I am not really a nail wrap person for every day but I find them a convenient and fast way to get awesome nails when you're short on time. I would recommend using a base and top coat for increased bonding with the nail bed to avoid any incidences of peeling up if you are going to be doing a lot with your hands. 
My only problems with this product were that a) the smell when opening the package initially was very strong. It's not a huge issue for me personally but someone who is scent sensitive may find it over whelming and b) a lot of the design of the wrap was toward the bottom half of the wrap. Being a nubby nailed girl at the moment a lot of the electric looking pattern was in the portion that I filed off.

I would definitely recommend you give these a try if you want to get into nail wraps. Just remember t consider how the design is layed out and how that will fit on the size of your own nails.

If you are interested in trying this product it can be found here .

The other two products I chose were this awesome nail stamping plate with a Sailor Moon theme in the center, and a gold stamping polish. I have never used an actual stamping polish before but have lots of experience with stamping so I figured these items would be a combo to review together.

The stamping plate came packaged in it's own cardboard sleeve which directs you toward the companies Instagram feeds where you can check out some more of their products if you would like.

All of the images on the stamping plate were well engraved and easy to pick up with a rubber stamper. I have absolutely no complaints about this stamping plate, it is good quality with no sharp edges and no incomplete engravings. I highly recommend you check out their stamping plate section. I know I will be revisiting it asap for some more.

The bottle of stamping polish was a little smaller than I imagined based on the image on the site but as you don't need a lot of it there is more than enough for a product priced under $5.00. The polish was neither too thick or too thin and made it very easy to pick up the images from the stamping plate. It is very well pigmented and all of the images stamped onto the nail very easily and I didn't have an issue with being able to see the images clearly as I do with some regular nail polishes that I have attempted to use for nail stamping. There is no offensive odor or any down side that I can see to this stamping polish. I would recommend it for nail stamping on a budget for sure.

If you are interested in picking up these products for yourself you can check the stamping polish out  here and the image plate can be found here :)

There you go guys. Over all I was pleased with these products especially for the price. I would seriously recommend checking out Born Pretty Store. Their products are great for building up your nail art product selection and for great deals on items to help you have the prettiest nails that you can. I hope that you have found this helpful and if you check out the site, that you find something you love!
Please follow this image link to the Born Pretty Store site and use the code AZEW10 for a special 10% discount!

Much Love all see you next time :)

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