Friday, 5 December 2014

Santa Suit Nail Art

Hey again Lacquer Lovers! Hope you are having a splendid day and that your December is going swimmingly so far. As it has officially been December for five whole days I am completely comfortable with going full steam ahead with Christmas and Holiday themed nails so this should be fun!

I was inspired for this nail art by one of my favorite red polishes Mamba by Color Club. It's just the perfect red for Santa in my opinion so I automatically associated it with little Santa suits :)

The two base colors I used for this nail art are of course Mamba by Color Club, and Chyna by Zoya which is a wonderful red pixie dust glitter it's seriously fabulous you should try it. I made sure I base coated well as the polishes are highly pigmented and I don't want more staining on my nail beds. I then applied Mamba to my index, middle, and pinkie fingers, and applied Chyna to my ring finger and thumb and allowed to dry completely. I used two coats of each polish on each nail to even things out and make the color as bold as possible.

I then used Sally Hansen White On and MoYou London Stamping plate 03 from the Festive collection to stamp the white Candy stripes onto the thumb and ring finger. I also Used White on to paint the Santa Suit fur down the middle of the other nails, and allowed these white areas to dry.

All that was left was to use Kiss nail art paint to outline and draw in the suit details and add some silver to the candy stripes for a little more visual interest and then of course top coat!

Hope you enjoyed my Santa Suit nail art today guys! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you stop by again tomorrow for more nail art!!

Jenn (P-Bubbs) :)

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