Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Light nail art

Heyo Lacquer Lovers. How are you all today? I'm pretty well today I have another day off so we shall see what today brings :)

Today I have some Holiday Spirited nail art for you in the form of strands of Christmas lights! The lights on peoples houses are always one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love walking around and seeing them with my boyfriend it just somehow gives a sense of peace and wonderment to the whole season, especially if there is snow :)

I painted my nails a base of Essie Licorice a cream black so that the other background colors would stand out more than they would on their own. I then layered on one coat each of piCture pOlish Aurora and Sally Hansen Seanic. I wanted the nails to be dark like nighttime as a backing for this nail art, but not so dark as to be just plain black. I feel that the colors I chose give a luminous quality to the background that lights would do in real life :)

Next all I did was take my kiss nail art paint and paint a wavy line through the middle of each nail trying to make it at least sort of line up from nail to nail, it doesn't have to be perfect just do your best! Next come the embellishments. I used teardrop or leaf shape embellishments which came in a wheel from a seller on amazon.ca. I simply affixed four to five embellishments per nail alternating top and bottom along the wavy lines I had painted in the middle of the nails. To affix embellishments simply use a thin coat of non quick dry polish and press the embellishments down gently into the unset top coat.

To finish up the nail art use your favorite top coat to seal it all together when it is completely dry which may take a few more moments than longer when affixing embellishments to make sure they are secure. Personally I use Sally Hansen or Revlon top coats as they do not drag as much in my experience, nor have they shrunk in my experience.

Well that's it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed my Christmas light nail art and I hope you come back again tomorrow to see what else is in store:)

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Happy December!!
P-Bubbs :)


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