Friday, 10 April 2015

An Introduction to Espionage Cosmetics : Make up for all us nerdy gals

Hey Lacquer Lovers! How are you today? Good news!- well at least I consider it good news. I have decided that I am going to move from being just a nail art and polish blogger to also branching out into beauty and fashion. I will also be starting a secondary blog (the nerdy cupcake) that will host some other content about my nerdy loves and interests.  On that note I am very excited to be doing my first beauty post about one of my favorite indie makeup companies Espionage Cosmetics.

Espionage Cosmetics not only makes awesome cosmetics, they make awesome cosmetics based around wicked nerdy themes like Borderlands 2, the Steampunk scene, the Otaku scene,Firefly, girl gamers, and first person shooters. Being a lover of makeup and ALL of the aforementioned things naturally I am a huge fan.

Of course you all know that I love nail art, but that doesn't mean that I don't also love nail wraps. Nail art is complicated, not everyone can do it, and sometimes you don't always have time to put in all the effort for banging nails -but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to have them! Hence the beauty of nail wraps. Many other companies do nail wraps as well but the wraps available from Espionage let us nail art lovers show off our nerdy side with prints ranging from a collage of kittens to circuit boards and D20 and all the way to kickass prints from Borderlands 2.There are even some inspired by Tim Burton for all of us Burton lovers :)

But there's more!!

Something new you may be learning about me is that I love bright colorful eyeshadows, and Espionage Cosmetics has no shortage of fan-tabulous in your face colors. All of the themes I mentioned before do not just apply to Espionage Cosmetics nail wrap line, they also apply to the beautiful eye shadows available.

You can either purchase the shadows one by one slowly growing your collection, or you can purchase them in a stack getting all the themed shades together, heck if you REALLY love it you can even purchase the whole stack of shadows WITH matching nail wraps :P (frankly this seems like the most sensible option to me...).

Now Let's just take a closer look atsome of those shadow collections shall we?

Take it from an avid Borderlands player these colors perfectly match the vibe and art style of Borderlands 2. Just looking at them I see huge laser weapons, loot chests, and beautiful chunks of Eridium ...crap now I need to play Borderlands again (not that that is a bad thing :P)!! I personally can't wait to get my hands on this collection.

Find it here for $35.00

Moving on to the Neo-Victorian collection. Now, I don't know about you but I think these colors look about as Steam Punk as you can get. Evoking thoughts of Bustle skirts, top hats, and sweet sweet metal gears and Steampunk inventions this set is perfect for both those who love the Steampunk scene/ style and also those who just want some fantastic earthy metallic shades in their shadow line up.

Find it here for $28.00
This is another collection that isn't negotiable for me. I need this one as I clearly un apologetically put MANY hours into fps games each week...perhaps each day...anyway..The colors are a perfect mirror image of tanks and guns and camo. Personally I can identify a lot with these colors and the color palettes in the Battlefield series, but they are cohesive with the whole genre really. They also remind me of Poison Ivy so it's kind of double duty for me.

Get it here for $28.00
The Paranormal collection will get you noticed for sure, with a super vibrant red and a deep purple with some ghostly grey and copper to blend the colors out. These colors are for sure the eye shadows you can find on the vanity tables of the most discerning female spectres and spooks.

Find it here for $28.00

The last collection of eyeshadows that I will show off here today is the comic book collection.
There are many more collections on the site but I wanted to feature a good spread without telling you everything that's available. I love to leave some things for surprises when you are shopping :P
What better way to illustrate comic books through color than with some high voltage glitters? All the attitude and ferocity of your favorite heroes an villains can be found in this combo of knockout colors.

Find it here for $35.00

As I mentioned previously the shadows can also be purchased one by one. The prices of individual shadows range from $7.50 to $9.00.

For you lippie lovers don't worry you haven't been forgotten! Espionage Cosmetics also has an ever growing range of lip serums. Pictured above are Rounds 1-3 of their "kiss of death" series. The lip serum shades featured in these two packs face off against one another for superiority and the privilege to adorn your lips! Single lippies are $9.00 and two packs are $17.00.

This company is run by mostly women and can be purchased both online and in booths at many sci-fi and fan conventions throughout the year. If you are in the Calgary area you can stop by their booth at Calgary Expo April 16-19 which is their next convention stop! Don't fret if you aren't in an area that doesn't have conventions because all the products as I have mentioned before can be purchased online here .

So if you guys are nerds who like to be beautiful like me don't forget to check Espionage Cosmetics out. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by what you see.

Until next time guys!!
Much love
Jenn :)

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