Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bundle Monster Nail Art brush kit Review!

I have been in the market for a reasonably priced, well rounded nail art brush set. I had shopped around and around but had not found one that had both a wide range of brushes, and a nice range of dotting tools. However at long last I found a wonderful set from Bundle Monster :D!! Both well priced at $14.99 and containing 20 pieces spanning both fine tipped brushes, fan brushes, clean up brushes, angle brushes, flat brushes, and dotting tools It was an amazing deal. Here are some pictures!!

Oh and I forgot to mention it came in a super awesome fold up case with two snap closures!

 Each dotting tool pictured here is double sided with a different size dotting tool on each end. So technically you have 10 dotting tools, one of which is angled.

I was so pleased with this purchase, not only for price and content, but for their quality as well. I have used these brushes so much since these photos were taken a few weeks ago at un-boxing and they are so soft and easy to use. You can clean them out with a little nail polish remover after each use, and they still look like new. I love them so much, if you are looking for a nail art brush kit I strongly suggest you check out this great one from Bundle Monster. Also I should mention that while it took a few days longer the 5.00 shipping is very cost effective, and it only took a few weeks to get here. Totally worth the wait for the quality and price. Thanks so much for reading!

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